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Lost in the Clouds

By Epscillion
Well let me just first say that getting inside Skywarp's head was...liberating. Hella fun too I might say. This is sort of what my doodles are like in my school notes but without the heavy amounts of crack-dom. =D Oh, and it reads left to right.

I borrowed and altered a line from the Simpsons too. Can you tell which one? lol

And I love the other seeker's dialogue. I usually don't laugh too much at my own stuff but for some reason it really tickles me. XD
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Oh, the irony in the last panel!
ShadowOfHeaven24's avatar
*canot stop laughing*    Laugh LOL 
Haru-chii's avatar
Yes, do another part. Random Transformers' random thoughts on the world around them!
Yami-Kage's avatar
Fro prowl is made of awesome :giggle:

nice job xD
Peleliu's avatar
OHGOD LOL. owned by billboard. XD
I freakin' loved their conversation. XD
kenyastarflight's avatar

I don't know what's funnier -- the punchline, Skywarp's daydreaming, or the dialogue between the others. It's all brilliant.

So TC, HAVE you been sniffing humans when others aren't around? ;)
Epscillion's avatar
:bow: Thank you!

And that's a good question. Perhaps there's more truth to Skywarp's daydreams than we thought...? The world will never know. :lol:
kenyastarflight's avatar
And I seriously doubt TC is going to be answering that question anytime soon... :XD:
Epscillion's avatar
Nope! His lips are sealed shut. Sorry SS, Warp. lol
HitokiriKurisuta's avatar
"The goggles, they do nothing!" lolz, Hair. XD
Epscillion's avatar
It was too much illegal fun. XD
Venksta's avatar
I can't believe I didn't see this piece until now. :( Its really fun, especially the characterization between the three seekers. The billboard Skywarp smacks into is hilarious. :D
Epscillion's avatar
Haha yes, this is the world viewed through Skywarp lenses. Scary, huh? And there should totally be an Autobot Drive Safe Club. XD
Ty-Chou's avatar
Interesting thought process. But Skywarp is right, that Starscream needs to get laid. LOL
Epscillion's avatar
I'm glad you agree. She'd have to be a control freak and set him straight. XD
3r6O's avatar
Warp was FUI (Flying Under Irrationality) hawhawhaw!
To be honest, I often do this too while driving/working...
Epscillion's avatar
So long as you don't do this while flying I think you're good. XD

*snickers* FUI...That's great. XDD
Jenca's avatar
I can't stop laughing! Fave! Fave fave fave fave fave!!!!
Epscillion's avatar
:dance: Thank you thank you! Warp is FUN when he's stupid. Hearts to Warpy.
Shadowflamez's avatar
Awesome ^^ this was truly funny ^^
Epscillion's avatar
Thanks! Warp's a funny little con, with his empty 'lil processor. X3
Shadowflamez's avatar
XD yes he is ^^ but we love him ^^*hugs Skywarp*
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