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My Little Pony Zombie CJ

By eponyart
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My Little Pony Cherries Jubilee. Cherries Jubilee is the latest pony to get the Zombie make over.
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In your world.
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Oh my god! The day the Ponies will walk the earth!
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And get the fucking titan treatment.
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You mean like "Attack on TItan"?
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But she doesn't look like she is 50 feet tall ...
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*grabs grow ray* She is now.
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im gonna have nightmares ty Evil Wysteria icon 
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Your pieces blow me away!!!  Nagisa Surprised Icon 
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The detail is amazing; I love the maggot crawling from her leg! Too bad I sold all my old ponies or my account would be littered with these
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It's on sale?
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oh my god so scary and I loved itClapping Pony Icon - Nightmare Moon Clapping Pony Icon - Queen Chrysalis Clapping Pony Icon - Changeling 
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no really how do you make them like that


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So awesome I love it!
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im looking to do some projects like this , of you have any tips i would love to hear them !^_^
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The maggot is a very nice touch. I think that's favorite part of the pony, along with the red veins in the eyes
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creepy...I love it!
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so freaking EPIC xD
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i see what you did there [[lolplease]] i love it she sooooooooo cute
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