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Vuka Apo tutorial, beginners to advanced

I haven’t seen many Mobius-DeltaA-with Post mirror flames yet. Do you like rich texture and tweaking this one just for you.
Beginner to advanced.
An illustrated step by step tutotial
If you follow this Tutorial you will gain some insight into resizing, moving transforms and tweaking as well as using texture and Xaos.
Plugins needed Mobius2/DeltaA/post mirror_x which are included in the Zip download.
Special thank you to those plugin creators we love you!
Have fun this one is very tweakable
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I had great fun with this tutorial

Here are a couple of my tweaks [link] and here [link]

Thank you for this!
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Trying but something is happening. Does the Linear transform have to be Linear3D?
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wow! thanks.  Mine turned out quite different though:-)
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Thank you for this tutorial! I'm really enjoying the tweakability factor of this one! :-)
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You welcome my friend it makes me happy that you are having fun with it.
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Ola, I will be tweaking for this space:)
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Hola lekka tweak lekker texture lekker colors
thx a lot for sharing
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No problem kepps have fun and if you have questions just ask.
This style has great tweaking options
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Thank you, I had fun playing with this [link] so many ideas now!
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Oh very interesting one, thank you ..... i wish one day has 48 hours!
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Have fun this one is very tweakable any questions just ask but the tut explains everything i hope
Take care
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Excellent, thank you for this Milo.
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Sweet no problem have fun and tweak this puppy
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Yeap, hope to get around to it here eventually. I've got one batch I've ran your Colab script with the Fred E Mandala Maker script over it & have some great starters here to work with. I'm taking Platinus' Apo course right now & need to do some more tutorials so I can get a better knowledge of techniques before I really get down & try to progress these. This tutorial will be on my list of things to do to get some better background for that.
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That platinus cooks great fractals I am shore its a great course.I am relatively new at Apo to and wrote the Tut for beginners and more advanced artists.There is loads ot tuts and they great But I remember in the beginning I just could not follow the whole lost somewhere in the proses.Its great fun scripts and to run combos even greater If you go to script editor on the to there is a word right on top that says(clear) if you delete it it makes an overlay of the current flame.
If there it clears the current flame.
If you need help just ask I will help if I can
Take care
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Great tutorial, Milo :thumbsup: I love how the structure just pops out during the xaos adjustments. One minor point: you set Mobius weight to a value, but it's actually meaningless as it's a weird variation, being either off (zero) or on (non-zero). With its variables defaulted, it substitutes for linear, but for non-unit linear weights, the Re_A variable value should be set to the linear weight to substitute. My first quick trial [link]
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Hi Ian
Great thanx love your trail image and thanx for the input.I realize mobius like post mirror is either on or off did not want to confuse new artists with to much info thanx for pointing it out it though.
Thake care
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Do you know of more 'on-off' variations like those two you mention?
I didn't know about this situation, but it might explain why some variations don't interpolate well (for animations). I thought it was mainly integer-based variables that were causing problems.
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There are more of those if will make a list sometime.
morphapoph's avatar
If/when you have some really free time.
It isn't urgent. For single flames I think it wouldn't matter much, except for info similar to what was mentioned above. For animations, I would have to just try using the plugins myself.
Normally my plugin use has been kind of conservative. I've started to encounter more plugins lately because I've been trying to look at more tutorials.
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Collideoscope comes to mind immediately.
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Great job! I like the layout. The narrative gives this a personal touch and good flavor. Well done!
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