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SuperSmo Gnarl tutorial Apophysis

Sopersmo Gnarl tutorial for Apophysis

Bless all those plugin makers you know who you are ………

Do you like rich textured gnarls and tweaking them, then this one just for you.
If you follow this Tutorial you will gain some insight in /- radial blur - waves2 - flux / Combo flame.

Just 3 transforms and a Final FX.

And end up with a most tweak able base Gnarl base fractal.
Plugins needed (waves2 and flux) which is included in the Zip download.
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thanks for this!  But, dangit, i have a giant black circle in the middle i cannot get rid of....rechecked parameters over and over... done tutuorial 3 times  (v. 7x) any tips?
It happens when i add the Final FX Flux=1.  any help or theories appreciated!
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I made this with your tutorial.…
I know it looks nothing like your image :-), but I am not much of a "tweaker" more of a "mover and shaker" ;-). I thought it came out quite cute, even if it is nothing like what I wanted :-)
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Hi there Milo ! I got something very pretty following your tutorial. This is quite close to your instructions. I hope to be able to make one more "my own" soon :D
Thank you for this beautiful Tutorial :love: and :hug:s
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Of course it would be helpful to have the link to what I commented about above. :blushes: :iconblush--plz: [link]
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I used your gradient on this one: [link]
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It came out great tx for the link
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Great tutor! Thank you!
My result:[link]
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Here is another tweak of this great tut!
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Great stuff thanx for the link:sun:
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Thanks Milo for another great tut! This a tweak of mine:
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:sun: love the gnarl
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Nice tutorial, thanks very much for posting. :) Here is something I came up with [link]
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Dang, flux is a nice little plugin (especially when paired with post_mirror_x). Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I combined this tutorial with another gnarl one to get this: [link]
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Very good I love the colours and the spiral that seems to just pull you into the center with that little bit of light.

Dygyt Alice
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Thank you Milo! :heart:
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I had a little time
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Thanx for the feature you make me happy
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You are very welcome. It's the least I can do for your sharing your params, tutorials and stuff ;)
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