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breach of contact - prompt entry

featuring SergalSlushy 's bergamont, assisting the gpc! for the breach of contact event prompt, found here

character belongs to @/sergalslushy

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Dozens of HPHC screens open at once. Flicking through all of them, trying to search for any kind of important info and reports regarding... anything.... The Buki paused at that before continuing their search..

They weren't really given a set guideline of what to look for. Other than Sigma informing everyone he was trying to contact some friend who hadn't established any contact back... they were just told to report 'anything suspicious'...

Yeah cause a several month long winter storm wasn't suspicious....

Ding! The focus on that is suddenly ruined by a quiet noise coming from the screen's tiny speaker. The sound when someone messages on the GrabukiX forums, seeing the box pop up from the bottom of the screen and narrow their eyes at it.

->Hey Buddy. Want some help? Find it at ----

The Buki rolls their eyes and quickly flicks it away. Continuing to scroll around, knowing spam messages come from bots constantly now and again...

But... Ding!

->Hey Buddy. Want help? Find it at ---- . I'm sure you need it.

What. Why was this a personalized attack?? Quickly swiping it away with a huff, returning to work after a brief roll of their shoulders and sign. A long moment of silence and the Buki relaxed slightly... finally...

Ding! The Buki flinches as the noise comes from a screen beside them, followed by another ding from another screen, then, another, then another.

->want some help?

->want some help?

->do you want help?

The noise is bound to get the attention of one of the GPC guards just outside of the dark room, and the messages surround the Buki like the screens are around them, with the link in clear view.

Click the Link to silence the messages || Report to GPC

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->Do you Want Some Help

Suddenly the screens all around go dark. Pitch black, leaving only the one infront of you ‘on‘ which slowly blurs out into a chat room. It seems it was already opened showing a less then friendly discussion had taken place… there’s only one still image visible and it’s hard to make out, from the user that had left.

The most recent reply is just now. This isn’t a bot. Just someone pretending to be one.

You aren’t able to comment in the chatroom. They also don’t seem to want to reply to you directly. Their only question is if you want help.

Ask Questions Here.

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> what were they talking about?

> what can we make out in the image?

> what does the last reply say?

> and help with what?

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They seem only able to respond the same few words or strung together words. It seems to automatically generate lowercase when they don’t answer a question. Uppercase letters seems to indicate a code or make up letters.

Ask Questions Here.

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> who are r04ch and orchid?

> who or what is 'boossmadhm'?

> what do i need help with?

(> do you need help?)

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> are you orchid?

> who was r04ch?

> boss of what?

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