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This year I took part in Inktober challenge, from the beginning to the very end.
I did it! I'm the winner for myself!

What I've learnt? That every day I'm able to find a lil time to draw. Anything. (This one is super good, believe me, e.g. day 28 is a massacre xP)

Here's a lil preview, day 25.
Inktober 2016, day 25 - TIRED by Epiroogu
Rest you can find on my fb fp:…

See you soon here!

Better late than not at all, right?

I present composition of selected works. Two months are lost somewhere in the Universe. Below, there are links to full pictures. Any comment is warmly welcome. Next year will be that good, and even much more better!

2015 summary by Epiroogu

Hi!Neko Emoji-41 - (Kawaii Waving) [V3] 

It is nice to invite you to visit my fanpage! There are (and will be) arts, sketches, news for all my project I take part in and lots of other stuff! Just click it:

Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2]  Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2]

Anyway, I won't forget about dA, for sure. ;)

Say 'hi' to Nico! Heart Love 

Nicolas Brown.! by Epiroogu
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The last 5 days of previous year were for me 5 days challenge. I was to draw each day sketches related to different subjects. Those were:

Day 1: Mimics
5 days challenge, day 1 by Epiroogu
Day 2: Hands
5 days challenge, day 2 by Epiroogu
Day 3: Poses and foreshortening
5 days challenge, day 3 by Epiroogu
Day 4: Clothes, hair and details
5 days challenge, day 4 by Epiroogu
Day 5: Co-relations
5 days challenge, day 5 by Epiroogu

Firstly, I wanted to draw at least 5 pages each day, but it didn't work out. What have I learnt? That if I want, I can really draw nearly anything. So, I encourage you to set your own purposes, and good luck. : )

More you find in my Gallery folder '5 days challenge' (…), also in scrapbook.

Ohayō, minna!  becauseComics logo by Epiroogu

I introduced me as Haji, that's true, and now I'd like to tell you sth more about me. What exactly:

I'm part of duo becauseComics (->, I mean friend of mine (sachi-chan! greeetz! Lucas La) give me her story and I'm trying to draw it down properly. Our 1st webcomic is called ANDESTU, which refers to Angels & Demons & Stuff (-> Story revolves around Miles Gerard and Sara, little angel; they have lots of adventures. There's also fanpage of fb. You find here some sketches connected with ANDESTU and also other my drawings. 
la-chess: la-white-pawnAny feedback requested! Not only for drawings, but also for webcomic as it is. (this is the way I try to ancourage you to read it). I hope you found it worth reading. 

Sara of Andestu by EpirooguSara    Miles Gerard of Andestu by Epiroogu Miles Gerard

Thx for reading (and watching). 
Haji of bC
Froggy Emoji 01 (Confused or Lost Frog) [V1]