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Desolate Land

By Epifex
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Not gonna lie, this has been on my mind from the moment they announced that ability.
Just a silly little lipsynch thing I did last night. Took maybe five or six hours all in all.
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"What's YOUR excuse?! Run out of SKY?!"
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I found this forever ago. It still doesn't fail to put a smile on my face. It's very well done!
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I'm so naming my Rayquaza 'Bob' after this.
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I had the Incredibles videogame for PS2, and the burning building level was quite difficult for me. I now need to find a controller for my PS2 so I can play that again.
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This is too true.....lmao
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this is just too perfect xD
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Just rediscovered this today. It makes me so happy.
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Groudon finally gets its revenge.
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well I didn't need another excuse to watch the incredibles again but thank you for that
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"Bob" the Rayquaza lol.
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Yeah that part kept cracking me up
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That is just...to awesome :XD:
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This...THIS IS JUST AWESOME... :3 Too damn amazing for words...I loved the PIXAR movie Incredibles as well so yeah :3
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Epic clap I will never see something as perfect as that ever again....
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I laughed way too hard at this
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My dear lord, that is just brilliant. 
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This made me smile. ^W^
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