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Cooking Metaphors

Cooking metaphors. Cooking metaphors everywhere.

Like, I draw a lot, but I don't make everything a pencil metaphor.
I remember back when the characters were actually interesting. Ash used to be all sassy to Misty, but now he just goes around saving the day with that same, horrible, ever-present smile, giving his Pokemon "Good long rests."
It seems more and more that they're just doing this:

"Hey guys, for the next season of the Pokemon anime, shall we work hard on developing unique and memorable characters with individual personalities?"

"Well, we COULD do that, or we could just give each character a speaking quirk or catchphrase and other than that have them all identical."

"Sounds like a plan."

It's half past midnight. I'll save the rest of my not inconsiderable rant for another time. On a happier note, I'm starting to do comics of my Nuzlocke. They're relatively short, but there's gonna be quite a lot of them if all goes well. Not going to upload them until I have a decent comic buffer though.
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Thats so true. I watch the second movie days ago and there was the part when Ash doubted that he can save the world.
He was almost about to cry: What...what if I fail...if I can do it...? That was REALISTIC for a 10 years old boy.

But now its always just: Oh I need to save the world again? Yay that will be a funny adventure, lets go Pikachu:aww:

Uuggh I cant see it anymore.Imiss the old days so much._.
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Well, in the second movie, it was the second time ash had to save the world from destruction. 

Very recently, ash has saved the world countless more times and it's all pretty normal to be saving this ancient beast and stop this evil guy from destroying/taking over places.  
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Pfftt xD Cilan was so annoying. I love this xD
Also, autocorrect changed "Cilan" to "Cilantro" while I was typing this and I now understand that his name is related to him
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:iconpokemon-iris-plz: :iconsaysplz: Please don't tell me we're eating dog meat for dinner. :puke:
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Don't be silly, Iris. Dogs don't exist.
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Ok, Poochyena, where did the bad chef touch you?
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You really want to beat in the point that you like Gen 6 but don't like Gen 5, don'tcha? We understood you the first time. You got your opinion across. You don't need to reiterate yourself. I'm beating this in to show you how tedious what you did was.
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...dude...i wrote that comment years ago...let it go...
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god damnit i hate b&w
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THAT LAST PANEL XD! The poochyena is gonna need therapy for years! 
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That Poochyena looks kind of traumatized.
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omg Ash's mouth :''D
Now ash is the repetitive one in x and y, but apparently thats really popular for some reason now. I just wish they made a different series, keep ash just make a different main character! what about brandon? or maybe someone capable of catching legendaries?! How about one that isn't as childish for the older fans?!
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I'd like a Pokemon animé with a new main character too, but the sad fact is they've been doing this formula for ages and it seems to work for their target audience.
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Yep cilan just couldn't shut up about food to bad he wasn't in x and y he coulda stopped eating the ice cream pokemon and tried the cotton candy one
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Poochyema:How the fuck did I get here
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Ugh I hated Cilan... So annoying
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That Ditto's face XD The face of "What the fuck am i doing here ?..."
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"You're such a little kid!"

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like the poochyena derp
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