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I'm looking for someone to help me admin the group. We've been around a good length of time now, but i don't have the time I used to to moderate submissions. I recently had to remove over 50 submissions that did not meet our posted guidelines.
   When I created the group, I had a specific idea in mind. I'm not a 'hard-ass", but I do know what I want the group to be this point, being as I've plainly stated the guidelines for submissions...I am going to just remove repeat offenders.
   I hate doing it, but when I get "my little Pony" - Mechs and other submissions that don't have anything to do with the's gotta be done.
   I'm hoping someone who has been here for a long time wouldn't mind volunteering to help me moderate. This way, no one has to jump in and spend a half an hour deleting stuff.   If you have been part of the group since close to our creation and would like to help me out, shoot me a message.   I specify someone who's been here a long time, because that means you haven't been you obviously get what we are about.   If i can't find anyone, I may have to close the group, and I'd really rather not do that.

   *Hummakavuula* - Kevin
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Original 3D designs
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Second star to the right by SpacePozzolo
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Nashan Stellar Dynamics F-76 Thunderbolt variants by larrynguyen0096
UCF F-76 Thunderbolt Corporate Advertisement by larrynguyen0096
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Aventeur class Mission Spacecraft (2008) by RevancheRM
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[DoV] Arethusa-class Cruiser by RvBOMally
Earth ships
TTA Unidentified Alien Object #4 Proxima Centauri by Starfox2o12
Star Trek Again



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Group Info

Please, for all of our new members...make sure to read the group rules. If one of your submissions has been removed it is usually because of one of these things.
1. it was a space station of some sort....not a ship
2. it's main focal point was a character...not a ship
3. the ship was a tiny speck against a massive background, thus making the background the focal point....not the ship
4. It was a robot....not a ship
5. It was not recognizable as a ship. ( I find many fractal artists...not all...create something that MIGHT look KINDA like a ship and submit it as such. I look at these carefully...some make it some don't. try not to take it personally. )

I had a very specific idea in mind when I created this page, so believe is nothing personal against anyone's work if it gets removed. It just simply means it did not meet the qualifications.

Those continuously posting art that repeatedly goes against the basic requirements will, unfortunately, be removed from the group.

Just another reminder to all.

Enjoy. :-)

This site is dedicated to those of us who love Spacecraft. From the largest Starship, to the shuttlecraft and all ships in between.
For those of us who love designing them... to those who create amazing peices of pure art with them.
The artwork showcased here must include a spacecraft of any type within it....after all, that is what this is all about.
Artwork can contain characters as long as the "SHIP" is the main focal point.
I hope to create a home for all Starship artists where they can gather inspiration from each other.
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Feb 13, 2011


Group Focus
Starship Art

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Thank you so much for accepting me as a group member.
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A couple of YouTube channels about Science Fiction Spaceships worth checking out :iconhappyfellaavatar:


DoctorWhoOne Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2017
Hi guy's, just wish to share with you this terrific Video I've just watched on YouTube uploaded by a user called Riley.

It was uploaded 9th March 2016, and is a 12 minute virtural tour of the Enterprise-D which starts with you in a Shuttle Craft flying into the main Shuttlebay and you get to explore some parts of the Enterprise-D . . and see a Toilet on the Bridge ! :D

Well worth it ;)

Enterprise D Virtural Tour…
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I always enjoy browsing many "Group Sites", looking for reference photos, as I am REALLY INTO Sci-Fi/Star Trek art for my Model Builds !
Again, THANK YOU, for "the Views"
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Don't want to be a wet blanket but ... Every day I expect to see epic starships and all I get is renders of characters. What gives? Or is this a sad inescapable irony of life?
Hummakavuula Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2016   Digital Artist
I've been removing them when I see them. if it continues, the artist will be removed. As we all know, I've made the guidelines VERY clear in the "about" section.  :-)
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