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I'm looking for someone to help me admin the group. We've been around a good length of time now, but i don't have the time I used to to moderate submissions. I recently had to remove over 50 submissions that did not meet our posted guidelines.
   When I created the group, I had a specific idea in mind. I'm not a 'hard-ass", but I do know what I want the group to be about....at this point, being as I've plainly stated the guidelines for submissions...I am going to just remove repeat offenders.
   I hate doing it, but when I get "my little Pony" - Mechs and other submissions that don't have anything to do with the group....it's gotta be done.
   I'm hoping someone who has been here for a long time wouldn't mind volunteering to help me moderate. This way, no one has to jump in and spend a half an hour deleting stuff.   If you have been part of the group since close to our creation and would like to help me out, shoot me a message.   I specify someone who's been here a long time, because that means you haven't been kicked...so you obviously get what we are about.   If i can't find anyone, I may have to close the group, and I'd really rather not do that.

   *Hummakavuula* - Kevin
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I don't fit your "job criteria" but if you reach a point of self destruction, I'll consider the admin assistance.
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And now I have the mental image of a clan Hells Horses totem mech painted up like Pinky Pie. Thanks for that FA Emoji Badhairday 
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I didn't add it but a MLP mech does sound fun... Hope you find a good Admin :)