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Fallen World - Chapter 1 p.36 - Moonlight Sonata
Poor Roland was also no match for the powerful and mysterious villain that is plaguing this small town.  Now he has handed himself over, but hopefully his plan with Sky and Gabe will pan out to help Cassidy, and now what will become of Roland?


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Jim C.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I do canine art, inspired by my friend Skailla, and I am the creator of Fallen World the web comic, which you can find here and many other places like Webtoons. Follow me also on youtube for animations and speedpaints and livestreams.

Feeling generous and like my work? Consider supporting me on or giving a small amount below! And as always, I love to read comments on my artwork! Hope to hear from you!

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Hello everyone!  This time I am featuring another amazing canine artist with a style you guys should enjoy if you're a fan of Skailla or my art!  Their work is truly impressive, and soo clean!  

This artist is Skizaero, go and show her some love!

Spirit Lead Me by Skizaero
This is probably my favorite one of theirs!  Love the feeling of it and the coloring.  Soo good!  This was a commission for :iconrayfordsteele:

Looking Out at Sea by Skizaero
Here is a Skailla fanart.  Truly amazing!

Summer Love by Skizaero
Dawww.  I'm still trying to reach this level of anatomy and lineart, especially the paws.  They are soo hard to do.

Ysidro's Dream by Skizaero

This is another Skailla art that Skizaero put a lot of work into.  Wow!

They have a ton more awesome arts, so please go check them out!  Thanks!  


6. Kryat
Artist Feature #6 - Kryat (2018)
Time for an artist feature again, way over due!  This time for my friend Kryat!  He does a great many things but I will be sharing with you his DeviantArt art and web comic "Shibi"  Kryat is an awesome, positive person!  You rock, man.  
Also a fun fact, I know some of you here already follow his sister, who is the legendary Skailla.
Find Kryat's page here :iconkryat:

This is his newest Deviation, I just love the use of colors here and how cleanly it is drawn!

There is a mic drop in the house.  Love how this looks.

One of my favorite pieces, both for the amazing artwork and the meaning and emotion behind it!  That's Kryat and his sis, Skailla.

Kryat does a web comic that has just begun, called Shibi!  Check it out, it's excellent.  I don't know how to properly link on DA so you'll have to click

5. Solkeyia
Artist Feature #5 - Solkeyia (2018)
Thanks to Solkeyia for the support you've given recently, and I wanted to make this feature to show people their canine art style, kinda reminds me of Skailla.  Check it out!  

Here is Solkeyia meets Skailla, it's a birthday gift she drew!

This one catches the eye easily in her gallery, love the lighting and colors

Here's a beautiful art done without lines!  Soo cool!

She has tons of art, go check her gallery out!  Thanks for looking.  Can't wait to see what Solkeyia does in the future!
4.  Streetfair

3. AethonGryphon

2. WolfRoad

1.  DoggieDiversity 

4.  Streetfair
Artist Feature #4 - Streetfair (2018)
Hey guys, check out this amazing canine artist!  If you like my stuff you should like theirs, possibly!  Her name is Streetfair :iconstreetfair:

Love the way they draw characters!  Soo on point and awesome.

The coloring and atmosphere on this is just soo crazy.

Streetfair also seems to be a fan of Skailla like I am, as they did this contest entry fanart!

Something I need to start doing, big backgrounds like this, if I weren't such a coward
So there's a taste of what they have, they have a ton of deviantions on there!  Thank you for checking them out!
3. AethonGryphon

2. WolfRoad

1.  DoggieDiversity 

3. AethonGryphon
Artist Feature #3 - AethonGryphon (2018)Hey everyone!  Time for another artist feature!  Check them out, this time it's AethonGryphon :iconaethongryphon: they do a unique and very colorful style that I don't think I've seen anywhere else!  I love it!

Just awesome use of shades and lineart and color!

This style is freakin' amazing.  Feels soo modern and glossy.


She also has some dark artwork in there

It's really hard to pick only a few things to showcase from this gallery, so go check it out yourself!
So there ya go!  Another feature, just doing this series to try and help you guys become aware of more great artists you might not know.
2. WolfRoad

1.  DoggieDiversity 

2. WolfRoad
Artist Feature #2 - WolfRoad (2018)Hey, what's up guys?  I'm back with another artist feature!  This time it's someone brand new that I JUST discovered today!  Her wolf art is incredible, they have over 13k watchers right now.  "WolfRoad"
Check them out :iconWolfRoad: 

This is the one that caught my eye, it might have been frontpaged here on DA I forget.  Nice realistic style, amazing background!  I'm wondering if I could pull this off if I practiced this style of painting.

There's just too much good art to appreciate on their page!  Love this one!  

I don't have much to say other than wow.  They have tons of realistic wolf art, some anthro stuff, just great attention to details.

They also have some fantasy and action scenes painting.  
Anyway, there you go!  If you like, go give them a watch!  I noticed s

1.  DoggieDiversity 
   Artist Feature #1 - DoggieDiversity (2018)Hey guys, it's my first weekly (or bi-weekly) artist feature!  This will be of people and friends whom I follow and enjoy their artwork, to share it with you guys!
This very first one is dedicated to my new friend DoggieDiversity :icondoggiediversity:  
He is a canine artist, drawing feral and comics, like myself, and we met shortly after I became a supporter and online friend of Skailla.  He's probably Ski's #1 fan too.  Doggie and I chat a lot online, and also I THINK I whooped him at a game of Stickfight on PC, but that game doesn't keep score so I don't know.  
Anyway, he's continually improving in his art, and I will share a few pieces that are recent that I really like.  He's too hard a judge of himself and doesn't see as much of the good in his art that I do, I think, maybe you guys could go over and let him know, sometime. 

I love the textures and color here, and it has a good depth to it I think.  And

Which of these arts of my own characters do you like the best? 

50 deviants said Broken Dreams (Speedpaint) by EpicSaveRoom
29 deviants said Speedpaint Video - Cassidy's Vision by EpicSaveRoom
13 deviants said Fate's Journey by EpicSaveRoom
11 deviants said Mad World - Featuring Cassidy by EpicSaveRoom
8 deviants said Sundown by EpicSaveRoom
7 deviants said So...I Lost a Bet against DoggieDiversity... by EpicSaveRoom
4 deviants said First Snowfall by EpicSaveRoom
4 deviants said Cassidy and Sunfire by EpicSaveRoom
2 deviants said Summer Vibes meme - ANIMATION (Click link) by EpicSaveRoom
1 deviant said Fallen World - Chapter 1 p.1 (remake) by EpicSaveRoom


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