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Lifesize Rainbow Dash plushie 130cm / 50 inch

Hey everyone!

Time to upload some plushie pictures, i got a alot of finished and already shipped plushies that is waiting to get uploaded. Aswell as a bunch of upcoming plushies that is close to finished :)

This Dashie was supposed to be made as a cuddle size but with the newly updated pattern (which got a bit improved and enlargened) it ended up in the lifesize scale anyways, ohwell! It is now used as the new lifesize pattern instead!The cuddle pattern is now back to its 95cm while looking the same as this one in terms of design =)

Dashie was a comission and is not for sale. She was made out of shannon minky fabric, a super soft fur-piled fabric with a velvet feel to it. Lightly to medium stuffed. Satin stitched eyes with a mix of embroidery, bridal satin white background, anf 3D felt eyelashes.
She was made to have a smug expression , glancing sideways. Her eyes was especiallt fun to make, see this pre-mane picture of her below which shows her expression better:
20181030 154037 Resized by Epicrainbowcrafts 20181030 154122 Resized by Epicrainbowcrafts
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I can buy It ?

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Omggg I love her I wantttt

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Oh my got! It's beautiful! :happybounce: 
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wow, they are bigger than I imagined and probably super cuddly
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i know shes not for sale, but if you don't mind How much did she cost?(both what she sold for and what the matreil costs were,I'm new to making plushies and trying to see what others charge to make such wonderful things I know most do, Mareil costs + their time,but how dos one determind cost of time?) Sorry for long question,I love your work they look so life like!

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I actually sent her a message about that recently she said lifesizes are around 1,155$ and 55$ for shipping

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D'aaaw, adorable.
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Beautiful work!
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Wow I couldn't resist reading the comments on this because this Rainbow Dash plushie was commissioned by me. I've got to say, after reading the description on this image, it's pretty funny finding out why exactly my Dashie turned out so big. When I got the box and took her out my sister and I were blown away by just how huge she is. I was standing there saying, "I could have sworn she was only supposed to be about 33 inches long?" I figured I had just mistaken how big the sizes were and that I'd either ordered a 50 inch size and forgotten or that the cuddle size was bigger than I remembered. Interesting to know that I got sort of like a prototype and she just ended up being big. I'm not complaining, I love her. She's the size I actually wanted, but I couldn't afford and is perfect.

I've got to say it was a great experience buying from ERC. I got lots of updates and really, really fast email replies and the shipping was fast too. It was a long time from the first email to getting the package in the mail, but I knew that going in and was happy to wait through some of the busy convention season when I knew ERC and Company were off plying their trade at Brony Con and so on. Anyone out there who is considering something like this, I'd say do it if you think you can. The worst thing that can happen is you ask the artist/crafter and they say they can't take any more work right now. I fell in love with the ERC plushies the first time I ever saw one and wanted to commission one for years and it feels great to have such an amazing piece of work. It's also pretty cool to see pictures on some of the info pages and be able to say, "Hey I recognize that! That's my giant Dashie!"

I see people asking why here eyes look so sexual. That wasn't what I was going for. I sent a drawing a really like of Rainbow Dash waking up from sleep and cracking one eye open and asked for eyes kind of like that, but looking off towards the left. These did turn out a little bit more "bedroom eyes" than I was really aiming for, but overall I thought everything looked good. *Side note* It's really funny when someone e-mails you 10 or so work in progress photos of themself hold Rainbow Dash's severed head in their hand XD
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omg, I totally want to buy this for my brother, he loves rainbow dash so much
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I hope one day your brother can have something like this. She is pretty awesome. I like taking her in the car when I go to my friend John's house. It's just too much fun to leave her at home. 
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That is one big pony...!

:) (Smile) 
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And that why she is 20% Cooler :D
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So cartoon-like, wonderful work!
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Dashie waifu pillow-
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If I was hugging a Rainbow Dash plushie that big, I think my face would look that happy too.  ;P

Looks amazing!
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How about making a cloud plushie as a foil for Rainbow Dash? :)
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Thats a great idea! I do actually have a cloud lamp (could be cool for photos), though i doubt it would hold this big of a plushie :D (Big Grin) 
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Omg i love it aaaaaaa
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Looks like some front page trolls decided to join in, lol.
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