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Add some moon to that dancer! Moondancer plushie

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Hey everyone!

This is Moondancer! I made her a little while after the episode where she was featured in but then i didnt have time to finish her off until now =).

Moondancer have been one of my favorite characters since G1, hence why i decided to have her as "normal" without the hairstyle and clothing she had in the show. Also, she has her red eyebrows, but you cant see them unless you move her forelock.

She was made using minky fabric for her body, faux fur for her mane/tail/forelock , machine embroidery eyes, handembroideried unicorn "swirls", Fabric iron on glittery cutiemark.

Vector #213 - Moondancer by DashieSparkle

Tags: Pony plush , mlp plushie , pony plushie , mlp moondancer , moondancer , mlp fim , fanmade mlp plush , custom plushie mlp , custom plush .
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Shes one of my favorite can you do cozy glow
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Beautifully done! Heart 
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OMG can you make me a pony to but make it of my oc please and thank you
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Wow, looking smooth. :)
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Ohhhh nice! But does she have the eye brows? XD
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yup , she does =) just have to move her forelock slightly to se it =)
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Awesome! I love her brows :3
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This is absolutely adorable, and she looks so soft and cuddly. Her sweet little smile is terrific and her pose says she's ready to be on the move once she decides what she wants. Very nicely done.
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Aaaaaw, she's so cute! :)
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is this like $4000 to $5000 to buy one ?
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last time i looked on ebay shes on 86$
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was not sure just took a stab since some plushies on DA cost $1200 <_<
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Какая кошечка :3
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She's divine. That hair is perfect! 
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She is definitely my favorite, even when I was a kid in the 80s and 90s :love:
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