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So, I'm making some changes to the feature folder
these will be the new rules for the folder
1. Only characters YOU own can be featured, this means no commissions, no fanart, ect.
2. Adoptables and ych are not to go in featured, ever.
3. no wips, nothing without background, color or shading.
4. preferably whole body pictures these very, waist up is usually accepted based on art quality.
5. everything that is currently in feature will stay there.
6. if you ask us why your art was not accepted i'll simply send you a link to this journal.
7. we hold the right to change these rules at anytime.

  also! I'm still trying to raise money to make the group super again, all my commissions are half off if you let me know your apart of the group! (i will check) every little bit helps! :heart:

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Read before Submitting

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We accept any original characters and or fan-based characters of any type of art style.

You must be a member to submit to the group. To join, click the join group button on top of page.

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♦ Please be kind to others. No flaming, bashing or trolling.

♦ We have a submission limit 1 submissions per folder a day

♦ Art style does not matter, however skill level does. We have a mild quality control in the group. Overall, most artworks are accepted.

♦ We have clean-up days. It means that all inappropriate for our group art will be deleted.

What we DO accept

♦ Traditional and digital artworks
♦ Fanbased OCs
♦ Comics/literature
♦ References, bios, concept art
♦ Character sketches
♦ OC related cosplays
♦ Stuff made by hand involving original character(s)
♦ Fan art of others OCs
♦ Adoptables
♦ Collaborations (if it involves OCs, and you gave artist credit for their end)
♦ Yaoi and Yuri is allowed in the group.
♦ Animations (only if it is completely yours)
♦ Blood, gore, slight nudity etc. is allowed. But if it requires a filter and is unfiltered, it will be deleted.

What we DO NOT accept in the group

♦ No stolen artwork of any kind is not allowed. This includes any type of screenshot, including IMVU, Gaia Online and so on. (Since its also copyrighted.)

♦ Fractal art (except for background for an OC) This also includes abstract work.

♦ Fanarts, since this is an OC only group (but fan OCs are allowed)

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♦ Remember, if you add something in the group that goes against the rules, it will be removed without question. Please read the rules before you submit.

♦ If you have any further questions feel free to ask via comment or group note.

Gallery folders

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Featured is for admins. We put here BEST WORKS
Couples is for pictures of lovers
Group is for pictures of two or more characters
Females is for female characters of all ages
Males is for male characters of all ages
Reference sheets is for bios and references
Genderless OCs is for OCs that has no gender or its gender is unknown
Comic and literature is for OC comics or OC related literature.
Adoptables is for well...adoptables (must be OC based)
Animations is for animated pictures or avatars created by you
Slight nudity is for everything that people under 18 shouldn`t see
Blood, gore one more folder for everything that people under 18 shouldn`t see
Yaoi and yuri is for yaoi and yuri couples pictures
Collaborations is where you put your picture created with some other artist
Cosplay is for OC based cosplay
Sketches and lineart is for sketches and lineart of OC created by you
Fanbased OCs is for OC created for some fanbase
Misc is for art which can't be put in any other folder
Black and White is for black and white finished artworks. No linearts and sketches


Please feel free to talk to any of us if you need help!



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We will only affiliate with your group if you have a group avatar and your group is active. Try to keep it related to the group.


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