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Done with my project it took my 1hr and 30mins of my life doing this. haha!
Photo Manipulation (Level: Beginner) I think I've fainted. i can see how much i improved my skill.
Just need more practice. STILL BETTER LIFES AWAIT..

I'm open up with suggestions. Heart 

Grinmir-stock - for a wonderful stock houses. :) :D (Big Grin) 

House… - House… - House… - House… - House

Ground:… -
Land… - Rock

- Path… - Wheel… - Barrels… - Box

for the Sky and Moon, i don't know i just found it in my files. :) haha! but credits to the owner

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When I initially saw this work, I actually thought it was a painting. I wasn't able to tell until I got closer and looked at the category that it was a photo manipulation. I was very impressed at that point by the technique. I think the artist possesses a great amount of skill, especially with this piece.

One element that stood out to me was the moon. I really loved it, because it feels in the picture exactly the way it does in real life. I feel it's the real heart of the piece. The only element I found curious or questionable was the suite of armor at the tavern's entrance. It fits and doesn't fit at the same time. I left it unresolved.

The piece didn't leave a deep impact on me, but it was very pleasing to me because I felt that it fit what I was used to a tavern supposing to be. To me, this is what a tavern, in the middle of nowhere, actually is.

Well done!
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Thank you for the awesome critique my friend. Heart :happybounce: 
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I really like this! Looks like the kind of cosy tavern I'd love to have a tankard of ale in :)