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Kinda late in the day for this, but I kept my promise.

Unfortunately, my computer doesn't like half of the photos I took during the trip, so this selection's kinda dumbed down compared to the full album.

Sunday: Bryce Canyon. Me and the family lucked out on this one, getting to go to a place like Bryce Canyon. But my computer bugged every picture from it, so here's Bridal Veil Falls and the archway that leads into Bryce, both pictures taken on the same day.

Cam00343 by EpicLucario52

Cam00344 by EpicLucario52

Monday: First Train Trip. No #75, sadly. But we still had a great little ride through the valley, rolling out to Deer Creek before we went back.

Untitled by EpicLucario52

Tuesday: Homestead Crater Soak. We paid a visit to Homestead Crater, a Geothermal Hot Tub in a beehive-shaped cavern. No pictures from this trip, sadly.

Wednesday: Dinosaur National Monument. We paid a visit to the border between Colorado and Utah to take a look at a collection of dinosaur bones such as Camarasaurus(see femur below), Stegosaurus, and Allosaurus. We also took a peek at some ancient Petroglyphs in a little nook on a hill in the monument. And also took some pictures of the surrounding landscape from the Colorado side of the park.

Cam00397 by EpicLucario52

Cam00398 by EpicLucario52

Cam00399 by EpicLucario52

Cam00400 by EpicLucario52

Thursday: Second Train Trip, Golden Spike Monument. We took another train trip that day, this time going deep into Provo Canyon. Although I didn't get to see the steamer I was looking for, I DID get to see two pieces of history run on the rails -Central Pacific's "Jupiter" and Union Pacific's #119- when we paid a visit to the Golden Spike Monument. No pictures from this trip, though(why won't this computer work?).

Friday: Bridal Veil Falls. My dad and younger brother decided to take a day off. But me and mom decided to scale the falls that I had taken a picture of on Sunday. The two of us made it to the top, but there's no picture of that(cursed computer). Instead, there's a shot from the base of the waterfall on our break after we came down(we got to dip our feet in the numbingly cold water), and we found a painting of a deer on a piece of concrete not far off the trail.

Cam00446 by EpicLucario52

Cam00447 by EpicLucario52(where the heck did this come from? And how did it last this long out in the elements?)

Saturday: Bonneville Salt Flats. To finish off our trip with a bang, we paid a visit to the Bonneville Salt Flats to stargaze in near pitch darkness. Sadly, the Full Moon dashed what chance we had at that. Instead, I got some shots of our drive out to the observatory.

Cam00448 by EpicLucario52

Cam00449 by EpicLucario52

Cam00454 by EpicLucario52(a random diesel braving a salt storm)

Cam00455 by EpicLucario52(shot of nearby mountains at the observatory just an hour before the sun went down)

Well, that's that! As for my other projects, I'll be getting back to work next morning. See you guys then!

Geez, I'm exhausted...
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