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    Excelion blinked his digital eyes. Several lines of code shot through his head; designations, locations, operations and more. The Droedar's collective mind, The Matrix, was a lot to take in, but his Memory Indicator and CPU were fresh; the Engineers had ensured that. His audio receivers on either side of his head buzzed and whirred for a moment, and a pair of cooling vanes just above them hissed as the delicate systems vented off heat. He slowly sat upright, his adamantium endoskeleton groaning a little as he did so, and looked at himself in the mirror on the end of the platform. Excelion seemed to resemble a police robot from Chappie, save for the spherical blue core in his chest, but he didn't catch the connection until the modern movie files came up. Of course, what seemed most interesting to him is the two other figures standing next to him; both looked so much smoother and pristine than him. Deep down, he wondered if he would ever be like them.
    "State your designation, newcomer." said the one with argon-purple eyes. Excelion took a moment to process the words, but soon he knew what Unit Number 243 wanted. 
    "Droedar Unit Number 626." He said mechanically, a 'jaw' of sorts flexing to match the words spoken. He was a little surprised to hear the second of them speak with a very similar voice to his own: "Ah, good. He passed the I.D. test with flying colors!" Excelion looked around; there were no colors flying except for the glowing fixtures all around. The red-eyed figure seemed to spot this. "Heh heh... That's a figure of speech, Excelion. You'll pick it up eventually. Come along; we can educate you further as we go to the fitting station." Excelion smiled as best as his cubic mouth would allow, and he clambered down from his assembly table and started to follow the two figures, all the while looking at the ground to see if he could find other figures of speech to pick up...

    "I'm sure you're curious as to what you are, Excelion." said Fidelis as the three of them started to get close. "Well, allow me to answer what questions you have; We are the Droedar, a race of self-replicating androids created by our All-Mother to model the success of humans, who live across the galaxy from us. We store all that we know about them in The Matrix, which is a giant version of the little Sparks that we have. It is a gargantuan machine that constantly changes depending on how much data is within it, and it needs to be maintained from the outside. That's where Droedar classes come in; Droedar with Green Sparks are called Engineers. They're there to maintain the Matirx's sustainment functions, as well as assemble and test new equipment and starships. You, Excelion, are a Guardian; a warrior of sorts. You are there to help defend the Droedar's home from invasions by either indigenous monsters from the rusty lands or from hostile aliens from above. There's multiple subvariants of each, too. You're a Bladedancer, which incorporates music into your fighting style. And there's tons of others that you'll see, too."

    Excelion was taking note of all this in his head. "I see." he eventually replied. But then he saw something odd. "Fidelis, Argus... why are your Sparks not Blue or Green?"
    "Ah, now he actually questions. Test number two passed..." Fidelis whispered to Argus, before turning to Excelion. "Argus is a Sentinel, signified by the Purple Spark. He's a very rare variant that only appears twice out of every 500 Droedar to be assembled and activated. He bears properties of both Guardians and Engineers. As do I, as a Red Sparked Founder."
    "In fact, Excelion," Argus continued for Fidelis. "He's called a Founder because he was one of the first 16 Droedar to ever be built!" Excelion marveled at this, but not for long; his CPU didn't have the capacity for it, and his cooling vanes steamed off the excess heat. The feeling made Excelion feel crummy. "Cheer up, little droid. We'll get you checked out at the fitting station, and get you better parts if needed. After all, no Stage 1 is perfect off the line." 

    They soon arrived at the fitting station, and Excelion saw all sorts of tools and items along the many racks. His display lit up as he took in the data and found matches; Socket Wrench, Ectothermal Scalpel, Rivet Driver, Plate Shaper, Aetherium Saber...


    "Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U One of these things is not like the others...Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U" sang the song in Excelion's memory banks. He looked at the Saber, styled like a Lightsaber from Star Wars. "Why is this one on the tool rack?"

    "I never said utility tools were the only things down here." chuckled Argus. "The fitting station covers both Engineers AND Guardians! And I believe this is one of your weapons, Excelion. There's another just like it around here somewhere..." He began to revolve the rack around like an airport carousel, many more tools and weapons floating by. At last, another Aetherium Saber appeared, and Excelion instinctively picked it up. His thumb felt around the handle, and suddenly, a circular button hidden in the handle pressed down, and a fluctuating red blade emerged from the emitter, humming like a bumblebee and occasionally crackling like an open flame.

    "Whoa! Careful with that!" Argus shouted, and Excelion quickly shut off the Saber. "A lot of these tools are sensitive to energy fluctuations from external sources. But rest assured, you'll get a chance to test these blades in the next chamber." A door on the opposite wall opened wide at those words, revealing an even larger chamber with rings encircling blank-eyed androids with black and yellow colors. "Okay, Excelion. Step into one of those rings and face the test drone in the middle of it. You'll know when the test starts."

    Excelion did so, activating the two sabers in his hands. They still hummed and crackled far out of sync... but why did that matter to him suddenly? He wasn't sure why it had occurred to him....

    Then he heard it; a tapping sound from not far off. It was a steady, rhythmic sound, and Excelion heard his sabers start to buzz like some sort of 8-bit EDM backup track. He could feel something ticking inside of himself, keeping up with the rhythm, and his hips were moving now too. Suddenly, without thinking, he dashed at the test drone and began to hack and slash at it in time with the simplistic music. Each hit didn't seem to do any damage whatsoever, but the pattern in which he struck it seemed so... artistic. The rhythm stopped, and Excelion felt himself slacken off. "And that's the quirk with Bladedancers." said Argus a moment later. "They use a mix of rhythm, harmony and melody to time their strikes and other movements, alternating between the three to throw opponents off." 

    "What if there is no music to fight with?" asked Excelion. Neither Argus nor Fidelis replied for a minute; instead, they turned away and spoke in lowered voices. Excelion extended his audio receivers, trying to pick up on what they were saying...

    "I didn't expect him to ask that question so quickly." said Argus. "What should we tell him?"
    "I don't know, Argus." the Founder replied. "He could try to use other sounds that bear a rhythm to them, but I'm not sure how effective that would be."

    The Stage 1 sat there for a moment, processing what the two other Droedar had said. Other sounds... He tapped his foot as he considered these words.
tap tap tap tap
Excelion could only wonder where these "other sounds" could come from...
tap tap tap tap
He paused... then started tapping his foot again, this time listening close.
tap tap tap tap
"...A rhythm!" Excelion said triumphantly, causing the two superiors to whirl on the spot. Already, he could hear the ticking inside himself again, and he begins to hack and slash at his dulled opponent once more. He adds eighth notes to the rhythm, doubling his attack rate. Suddenly, his sabers stop crackling and go full EDM, pulsating in time with his strikes, and as he goes for sixteenth notes, the blades start to change from red to scarlet, then orange, then tangerine, then a bright, brilliant yellow-

    "Excelion, STOP!"

    Argus's shout caused Excelion to halt immediately, looking straight at the now-diced test android. A wave of regret passed through him, quickly overtaxing some of his cerebral circuits and triggering a mental shutdown. Now he simply stands upright, a pitiful look on his face as steam gushes from his vanes and a wisp of smoke emerges from his metal scalp. "Oh, scrap. MEDIC!" Argus called out, and quickly, a group of Engineers rushed out into the test chamber. "Burned out his CPU, and perhaps a few other circuits. Get those parts replaced fast!" They nodded, and vacated the chamber with Excelion in their arms.

    "He's already started to adapt his own versions of music to his fighting style at Stage 1, Fidelis." Argus and Fidelis were now heading down the hall to oversee Excelion's repairs. "Stage. ONE!"
    "I heard you the first time, Argus. Don't strain yourself."
    "And yet he's not a Sentinel! How did he do it so quickly??"
    "Well, we did model him after my own Spark patterns. He's bound to pick up the majority of my traits."
    "But to have them develop this quickly is just..." Argus swallowed, the sound resembling a clogged vacuum unsealing. "..It's just astounding to me. I'm beginning to think he may be our next Alpha Droedar. After myself, that is."
    "A speaker for the All-Mother? I knew he'd blaze through the test trials, but this may be a stretch..." His trail-off was followed up by a message popping up in his vision. RECALL! it exclaimed, showing an icon of a very large Spark sitting in the middle of an intersection of six shafts, forming a cubic chamber around it. "Speaking of whom, she requests my presence at the moment. And given what just happened, I think I know what this is about." With that, he started off for The Matrix. Argus, on the other hand, turned his attention back to Excelion as he entered the Med Chamber. He looked down at the disassembled head of the Stage 1 being examined and reassembled with new parts. All the while, a single thought kept bugging him...

    What is it with you, Guardian?

Previous Page:  OC Universe Pitch        Silver walkways stretch across the city-like landscape, glistening in the blue supergiant's light. As a moon to a gas giant far away, Vector IV was a metropolis in disguise. And its inhabitants were constantly on the move, with bodies of similar hue to their surroundings, and each with a function in this society. Everything was in pristine condition; work was solid and clear, socialization was jolly, and all was well in general...
        But deep down, Fidelis knew it wouldn't last. Eventually, he would have to expand the land they controlled farther out onto the rusty landscape, and that could yield all sorts of problems; rust storms, indigen troubles, perhaps even a run-in with invaders... He decided not to dwell on it. Fidelis took a deep breath, letting the iron-and-mica-heavy air fill his plasticky lungs, then let it out. His visual displays immediately lit up as data was extracted from his internal sensors. Just another b

Next Page: Excelion's Tale, Ep 2    Fidelis followed a series of halls through the vast complex, the chrome walls perfectly reflecting the glowing fixtures all over the hallways. Out in the open, many Droedar gave their greetings to the Founder, all of their Sparks blinking as he went by. Although his mind was dead-set on going to the All-Mother's chamber, he gave a smile and blinked back to whoever greeted him. Down roads and stairs, through shafts and chimneys he went. He clambered deeper and deeper into Vector IV, inching ever closer to the moon's core. Finally, a gargantuan version of the Droedar spark stood before him, pulsing with brilliant blue light. Huddled away in a lattice of girders, cables, modems and more, the Matrix's central core was a sight to behold. Fidelis stepped up to the end of the walkway, looking directly at the giant Spark, and a compartment opened on his back.
    Fidelis was lifted into the air as a flight pack carried him toward the Matrix core, heading strai

"Do you know of Mario? Good man, hard working, especially with the Princess. May 28th of '93! Unique idea of a film, but absolutely flopped on release."

"The guys behind that film were NOT the brightest bulbs in the-"

"Mortal Kombat! November 21st of '97! All was well and good, another installment of the film series, was sucked into the one's place on RT."

"Look, you can't generalize-"

"Doom: Bland and tasteless! Warcraft: Not even fans liked it! Legend of Zelda: Cancelled in Preproduction! Postal: Gained little more than $3,800 in opening, sequel cancelled!

N O G A M E M O V I E S ! "

Thought I'd make this since I heard about both a Mario and a Sonic movie being made, and my predictions are already in.

Can you guess what they are?

Kinda late in the day for this, but I kept my promise.

Unfortunately, my computer doesn't like half of the photos I took during the trip, so this selection's kinda dumbed down compared to the full album.

Sunday: Bryce Canyon. Me and the family lucked out on this one, getting to go to a place like Bryce Canyon. But my computer bugged every picture from it, so here's Bridal Veil Falls and the archway that leads into Bryce, both pictures taken on the same day.

Cam00343 by EpicLucario52

Cam00344 by EpicLucario52

Monday: First Train Trip. No #75, sadly. But we still had a great little ride through the valley, rolling out to Deer Creek before we went back.

Untitled by EpicLucario52

Tuesday: Homestead Crater Soak. We paid a visit to Homestead Crater, a Geothermal Hot Tub in a beehive-shaped cavern. No pictures from this trip, sadly.

Wednesday: Dinosaur National Monument. We paid a visit to the border between Colorado and Utah to take a look at a collection of dinosaur bones such as Camarasaurus(see femur below), Stegosaurus, and Allosaurus. We also took a peek at some ancient Petroglyphs in a little nook on a hill in the monument. And also took some pictures of the surrounding landscape from the Colorado side of the park.

Cam00397 by EpicLucario52

Cam00398 by EpicLucario52

Cam00399 by EpicLucario52

Cam00400 by EpicLucario52

Thursday: Second Train Trip, Golden Spike Monument. We took another train trip that day, this time going deep into Provo Canyon. Although I didn't get to see the steamer I was looking for, I DID get to see two pieces of history run on the rails -Central Pacific's "Jupiter" and Union Pacific's #119- when we paid a visit to the Golden Spike Monument. No pictures from this trip, though(why won't this computer work?).

Friday: Bridal Veil Falls. My dad and younger brother decided to take a day off. But me and mom decided to scale the falls that I had taken a picture of on Sunday. The two of us made it to the top, but there's no picture of that(cursed computer). Instead, there's a shot from the base of the waterfall on our break after we came down(we got to dip our feet in the numbingly cold water), and we found a painting of a deer on a piece of concrete not far off the trail.

Cam00446 by EpicLucario52

Cam00447 by EpicLucario52(where the heck did this come from? And how did it last this long out in the elements?)

Saturday: Bonneville Salt Flats. To finish off our trip with a bang, we paid a visit to the Bonneville Salt Flats to stargaze in near pitch darkness. Sadly, the Full Moon dashed what chance we had at that. Instead, I got some shots of our drive out to the observatory.

Cam00448 by EpicLucario52

Cam00449 by EpicLucario52

Cam00454 by EpicLucario52(a random diesel braving a salt storm)

Cam00455 by EpicLucario52(shot of nearby mountains at the observatory just an hour before the sun went down)

Well, that's that! As for my other projects, I'll be getting back to work next morning. See you guys then!

Geez, I'm exhausted...
Okay, guys; ready for [insert what the title says here because I'm too lazy to just put it down here again]?
[Then again, that doesn't LOOK lazy...]
I'm thinking of starting an RP that isn't Bionicle.

Now before you guys start unwatching, this is mainly a way to start unwinding my brain from all this blockage that school has left tangled up. In theory, doing this with you guys and gals ought to help me get some ideas flowing through my head, hopefully giving Shadow Among the Flames a jumpstart.

I'll release something about the premise early next week, if I can't write it all up tonight and tomorrow; I've got graduation stuff going on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

See you folks soon!

Oh, and one more thing(this is going out to those folks that know how to do this kind of stuff), do you guys do RPs through notes, or is there some site that I need to go to for this?

I'll be heading off on a bit of a vacation from my staycation; paying a visit to the mountains up near the Great Smokies. One, so that I can pay a visit to a town that I haven't been to in the longest(Helen Georgia, to be exact), and two, just to make sure the fires last year didn't burn half of it to the ground.

See you guys Sunday! Also, chapter 5 is running smoothly, unlike last chapter; it shouldn't take as long to finish.
I'll be gone for the weekend, so don't expect much from me. Except...

I've planned to post my first Character Bio before I start on Act 2. I haven't picked which character I'll post first, but I'll have plenty of time to think about it on my Camping Trip. Given the circumstances, it'll either be Matoro or Fire Lord; that depends on which bio I finish first.

See you guys on Sunday!
I only just realized how much RWBY Volume 1's theme connects to the Bionicle Inika's story.

"They see you as small and helpless; they see you as just a child; Surprise when they find out that a warrior will soon run wild..." referring to the fact that Jaller is just a Matoran, along with the other 5 matoran that travel with him to Karzahni and eventually Voya Nui, where they emerge as Toa.

"...The dream that you've always dreamed is suddenly about to flower." Jaller WANTS to do something about saving Mata Nui's life as soon as he learns about what had (potentially)happened to the Toa Nuva.

"We are Lightning...Miracles of ancient wonder" an obvious connection to the fact that Jaller and the Inika aren't like any other Toa, in that their elemental powers are fused with lightning-based power, granted by the Red Star.

"...victory is in a simple soul." describes Jaller's motive that "you don't have to be a Toa to be a hero; you just have to be willing to fight for what matters most".

"Beware that the light is fading; Beware as the dark returns..." symbolizing that the Toa are on the clock in saving Mata Nui from death; they haven't got long before the end of "their world".

Yeah, it's not much, but this is something I've never thought of before until now. And it interests me in knowing that such things can mirror over franchises by accident. Let me know if you can see any other connections in the context of both franchises.
A collection of photos that I took(on my phone, sadly) for our amusement. I took a LOT of photos on the trip, so I'm only showcasing the highlights.


Sharktooth beach, home to all sorts of fossils and countless shells.

Does THIS look like a shark tooth to you?

A patch of ruins on Cumberland Island(you guys DID see my status update, didn't you?)

*Silently whistles the Oot Lost Woods Theme*

Although most of the wild horses on this island would just walk out of the way, we had to walk around THIS herd. They weren't scared of us one bit!

I saved the two best pictures for last. The Carnegie Ruins of Dungress. This place simply felt like something out of Skyrim or TLoZ, and also goes to show that such places aren't far off!

And so ends a brilliant vacation! I can't wait to go back someday. And if you guys are planning on visiting Jekyll Island and the neighboring islands, be my guest; you won't regret a single minute.
So what did you folks think of the premise of the Bionicle fanfic? Keep in mind, I'm focusing mainly on G1 characters, and I'll make multiple references to events in G1. So you may have to do some research. No worries, it's easier to find than you think.

Btw, while writing the premise, I discovered how to change the text to larger, bold letters, or to italicized letters, but here's the key; I have no idea how to keep the effects from spreading to the rest of the text(that's why I put the name of the Fanfic at the bottom). Any professional advice as to how to prevent this would be nice; I'm planning on starting my writing for Act 1, Chapter 1 this weekend.

Thanks a million!

Sorry for being away, folks. I've been three things for the last couple of days:

1. On Vacation in the mountains of Blairsville, Georgia.

2. Had absolutely no internet or cellular connection.

3. Sick as a dog(Oddly enough, this happens practically every other vacation I've ever been on).

If you've still been keeping an eye on my page for updates, I'm glad you're still here. And speaking of updates; I'm finally starting on my fanfic, which writing the first part may take me a couple of days, as long as there's no delay. So you can expect my first work later this week!

See you then!
I know what you guys are thinking; what can a gamer like me do with little to no (computer)artistry experience? Well, not much visually, to say the least. I was looking down at the bottom tutorial line(you folks know what I mean, right?) while I was typing this, and I had NO IDEA what it meant. Another thing is, I'm primarily good at drawing on pencil and paper, but not on a computer.

But I AM a good storyteller(sometimes Zephyr doesn't credit me for it because of my interests "spoiling" his). In fact, I might not start out writing Death Battles, but instead writing fanfiction! I've already got an idea for one, so you can expect it in the future.

By the way, one of my works of art is not on Deviantart, but on a website called Flight Rising! Feel free to check it out whenever you like to.

Here's the link:…

All else I can say is, good luck to me! Hope you guys appreciate me for what I do on this channel...