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To start this off, let's quickly go over the different damage types, so you can see what each faction specializes in, as well as weaknesses and resistances.

Kinetic Damage Icon by EpicLucario52
Kinetic: Solid munitions and blades. Most common

Energy Damage Icon by EpicLucario52
Energy: Blasters, sabers and drills

Plasma Damage Icon by EpicLucario52
Plasma: Sabers, cannons and mortars

Thermal Damage Icon by EpicLucario52
Thermal: Lasers, conventional missiles and chemical throwers.

Stasis Damage Icon by EpicLucario52
Stasis: Chemical throwers, stasis bombs and endothermal lasers.

Electric Damage Icon by EpicLucario52
Electric: Tesla cannons, static blades and ion phasers

Seismic Damage Icon by EpicLucario52
Seismic: Seismic hammers and concussion missiles

Sonic Damage Icon by EpicLucario52
Sonic: Sound blasters, vibroblades and disruptors

Bio Damage Icon by EpicLucario52
Bio: Acid and toxin sprayers. Considered barbaric

Ancient Damage Icon by EpicLucario52
Ancient: Various. No one known knows how to control this form, but no armor or shield can protect from it.

Known Factions


Image result for humans sci fi anime-Nova Skell Corps. Squad EV0NG3L10N

Uses: Kinetic Damage Icon by EpicLucario52 Energy Damage Icon by EpicLucario52 Thermal Damage Icon by EpicLucario52 Stasis Damage Icon by EpicLucario52 Electric Damage Icon by EpicLucario52 Seismic Damage Icon by EpicLucario52 Sonic Damage Icon by EpicLucario52
Resistances: Kinetic Damage Icon by EpicLucario52 Energy Damage Icon by EpicLucario52 Stasis Damage Icon by EpicLucario52 Electric Damage Icon by EpicLucario52
Weaknesses: Thermal Damage Icon by EpicLucario52 Bio Damage Icon by EpicLucario52 Ancient Damage Icon by EpicLucario52

Factoid: Regarded as the most adaptable species in the galaxy
            -And they've proved it countless times!


Note: we're talking military vehicles in this stage, although some may blend into normal society, such as the


Image result for at te-AT-TE as an example
Refers to any form of legged vehicle that isn't controlled by human movement or direct connection to electrodes.
-Generally has more than two walking legs, however...Image result for at st there are some exceptions.

When it comes to more advanced and fast-paced combat, the Skells take that role easily. Rising Skell Pilots(known as Linxes) are taken through two to three levels of training, all the while piloting their own Skell, depending on what level of training they are on.

Skell Level 1: M.T.

Related image-A 360 degree view of an NSC "Valiant" pattern MT

The first variant of Skell that reads the pilot's nerve net and translates it to movement, in tandem with the controls and throttles shifted and pressed in the cockpit.
-Generally much more agile than their predecessors, but their mobility is still lacking compared to NORMALs and NEXTs.

Skell Level 2: NORMAL

Related image-NORMALs from Z3U5 Squad patrol a suburban district

Boasting a clearly more human-like stature, the NORMAL is the second stage of a Linx's training, allowing for more natural movement while still maintaining half of the functions of the M.T.
-The NORMAL also withholds flight capabilities, but even that cannot compare to the final stage of training and Skell mastery...

Skell Level 3: NEXT

Image result for armored core 4 action-NSC NEXT-5264 "Noctuam" trades blows with Insurrection NEXT-7945 "Titan Obvium"

Humanity's ultimate killing machine, the NEXT has few equals on the field except in the face of the most skilled Mechonis or Insurrectionist NEXTs.
-Lightning fast, extra durable, and carrying the firepower to annihilate a "Country Killer" Asteroid, the NEXT is a true one-man army.


Image result for gundam z'gok-Godaizer, a modern Jaeger

The ancient predecessor to Skells and Katyphracts, the Jaeger has recently been modernized and refurbished. However, it still retains its purpose; getting up close and personal with the big baddie! Most of a Jaeger's weapons are centered around close combat, such as shredding claws, concussion emitters and shotgun hands, all of which are present on the above Jaeger.

Jaegers are also the most durable of Humanity's armed forces, since they were built to combat gigantic and monstrous Kaiju that would threaten any city close to the wild, especially coastal cities.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               -Thus, most Jaegers are amphibious

Nova Skell Corps. Selection Process

Image result for anime school building-Aerial front view of the NSC University

Linxes start out as students in an Academy specifically for piloting Skells. Each student will go through similar exercises and assessments similar to how a school in the 21st century would run, but upper classmen have access to simulations for either civilian or military actions.

Students that pass with a grade of High B or higher is eligible to go to the NSC University, where more physical training begins. Simulations are accessible to all levels of classmen, but the real work comes with piloting Educational M.Ts for varying tests. Only those that pass with an A are eligible to go to the main Headquarters of Nova Skell Corps.

As a true Linx, he/she goes through each stage of Skell, soon reaching a level of skill and experience to become a certified NEXT Linx.


Related image-Jeddix, Chief Scientist and Medical Officer for the Mechonis, carefully rewires an incapacitated Fragile

Uses: Energy Damage Icon by EpicLucario52 Plasma Damage Icon by EpicLucario52 Thermal Damage Icon by EpicLucario52 Electric Damage Icon by EpicLucario52 Sonic Damage Icon by EpicLucario52 Bio Damage Icon by EpicLucario52
Resistances: Kinetic Damage Icon by EpicLucario52 Sonic Damage Icon by EpicLucario52 Bio Damage Icon by EpicLucario52
Weaknesses: Electric Damage Icon by EpicLucario52 Seismic Damage Icon by EpicLucario52 Ancient Damage Icon by EpicLucario52

Factoid: Not all of those on the Mechonis side are completely mechanical; the term Bionis refers to intelligent organic beings, large or small, that are built into cyborgs by the Mechonis.


Every Mechonis starts out as a uniquely built figure, having its own strengths and weaknesses in and of itself. But once a Mechonis joins the ranks of others in a militant fashion, it can become one of a few different variants of Mech Soldier:


Related image-a Wrecker-type Beret clashes with a Heavyweight NORMAL

The most common Mech Soldier on the battlefield, the Beret can wield a variety of weapons with relative ease. But what Berets such as Wreckers and Ronins specialize in is close quarters combat; these subvariants prefer to get up close and personal with the enemy and dish out damage with their fists, batons, blades, or any sort of melee weapon.


Related image-a Blaster-type Fragile opens fire

The Fragile is what most would consider a glass cannon, dealing some serious damage while remaining very susceptible to incapacitation. But good luck landing a hit; Fragiles are the fastest and most agile of the Mechonis. But even with their agility, subvariants such as Blasters and Rangers still prefer to keep a distance when on the field.


Image result for gatling gun robot-an Avalanche-type Bastion shortly after outfitting

The Bastion is an honest-to-robot-god metal shield with legs. Shaking off bullet impacts and energy burns like they were nothing, this bot is extremely hard to take down except with the most powerful of weaponry. However, subvariants can go two different ways; Vindicator-type Bastions deploy into a mortar-type weapon for sieging, and Avalanche-type Bastions trade off most of their armor in place of a powerful gatling cannon.


Related image-Rumbler, a Vehicular Shifter, prepares for confrontation

Shifters are special Mechonis that are built to transform into a separate form to gain a benefit that is unavailable in their base form. For example, a Vehicular Shifter may choose a land-based form for more durability, or an air-based form for more mobility. Or a Savage Shifter may choose an animal-like form to gain a specific edge on the field, depending on the creature chosen. However, converting to a Shifter is costly, time consuming, and incredibly painful, especially for Bionis, whose organic parts have to be hyper-compacted to avoid getting sliced or crushed during transformation.
-Although, after the conversion is complete, whatever pain they would feel out on the field is completely negated for years on end.

Mechonis Conversion Process/ Superconstructs

-a Superconstruct continues construction in one of few Superconstruction facilities on E.42

As self-replicating robots go, you wouldn't expect them to have an assembly line creating and modifying giant robots. But that's exactly how the conversion of Mechonis and the creation of Superconstructs goes. For converting Mechonis, three different factors contribute to which variant they will become; what they would classify as physically, what their training field strengths are, and what they themselves could choose to be. For Shifters, their conversion has to be monitored by a high-ranking Scientist and/or Medical Officer in case of an...ahem, "issue".

On the rare occasion that, sometime after their conversion, a group of recruits would work especially well together as a team, they have the choice to become a Superconstruct, which may vary from a gargantuan four-legged monster to a hulking airship on steroids to a gigantic war train(in the Juggernaut's* case). If they agree, every Mechonis involved is almost completely dismantled except for vital functions, then the main Superconstruct begins construction, bearing some parts that resemble the original Mechas. The construction process can take up to a year. And when it is finally done, the now-fused Mechonis awaken and steadily begin practicing their movement, for each Mechonis inside often controls one or more specific parts, similar to a Power Rangers Megazord. However, unlike a Megazord, once the conversion to a Superconstruct is done, it cannot be reversed.
The first half of the faction overview, featuring the Humans and Mechonis factions. I decided to release the Grey Goo in the second half since this was taking so long.

As a little reminder, I own none of the artwork, pictures or gifs shown except for the damage type symbols. Any other works shown belong to their rightful and respectful owners.
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