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Bionicle: Shadow among the Flames

Act 2: Confusion

Chapter 4:

Okoto4 by EpicLucario52

(wait to start it)

Anthodar froze. His gut turned to ice as the truth dawned on him.(start) "Soh...tha Toah of Ice wahs RIGHT?!" he blurted. "But how? We perfohrmed ze rituahl the right way, didn't we? Why ahre theese Toah soh...soh...heretical?! Why ahre ze stahrs not right?! ANSWER ME, HAU!!"
(stop music)
"Sir?" came a voice that snapped the old Protector back to reality. "Was this Toa of Ice's name 'Matoro', by any chance?"
"*ahem* I beleeve soh?"
"You've met him! Where is he now?!" pressed Jaller.
"Slow down, mate!" Nilkuu stepped in between the two. "First, you'll need to explain yourself a bit; how do you know so much about yourself and your team so soon?"

Jaller was slightly taken aback by the other native's question. "What are you talking about? I've known them since the fall of Makuta!"
Makuta! Finally, something I understand! thought Anthodar. "Wehll, certainly a coisidence, eh Jallah? To meyke friends ohn ze day Ekeemu ascendead, what an honah!"
"Sir, I still have absolutely NO IDEA what you're talking about!" retorted Jaller. "I've known my friends since the fall of Makuta, and my newest ones since the rise of Fire Lord! And Makuta as in Makuta Teridax!"


Anthodar had only heard that name in the Ancient City's archives, when he had been flipping through a book that he himself later branded as "Heresy against the will of Ekimu" and burned. But there the name was again; and this time, it was an auditory source... No, I mustn't let this go! thought Anthodar frantically. If that forbidden knowledge gets out, the very basis of our society will be at risk! I must speak with the other protectors as soon as possible! Oh Hau, give me strength! Anthodar took a deep breath, and continued; "Wehll, um...sohrry for ze mix up? I beleeve zat Matohro is in the Ancient City with Kivoda at ze moment. They are, uh, preparing fohr ze Festival of Creation in ah few mohre hours. Soh, uh, why noht look for him there, yea?"
(stop music)
His thoughts were broken by a rumbling from above. All three figures looked up to see a fireball hurtling out of the sky just barely to the north. "Well, maybe I'd best evac one of my teammates from their own misadventure!" said Jaller as he took off, sprinting across the ashy dunes toward the soon-to-be crash site and leaving the two protectors to contemplate their next move.

Only a minute later, Jaller was rushing to pull Kiina out of her smoldering canister. He had just managed to pull her out before the craft's interior went up in flames. "That was close, Kiina! Let's see if we ca-" he stopped in mid-sentence as he surveyed his comrade. She had changed drastically, just like him; several parts of her armor were less fin-like, and it looked as though the fin parts had shifted to her back. The biggest change of all was her gear; Kiina's double ended Vapor Trident was replaced by what resembled a twin-edged rotating sword with a claw on the other end. Her Thornax Blaster was also unusually large, sporting two cylindrical extrusions on either side. "Looks like I wasn't the only one morphed by the anomaly..." said Jaller grimly.

"*ungh* Ber-...Berix? Where's Berix?! And karz, what happened to us?!"
"I think a nice, long rest back at the village will help with that, lass." said Nilkuu, trotting up behind Jaller.
"Where's Anthodar?" asked Jaller.
"He headed back to the village at a very brisk pace." lied Nilkuu, knowing that Anthodar had headed straight for the Ancient City. He didn't know what the old protector was planning, but he knew it couldn't be good news for the 'Toa'. "Well, let's get you two back to the village." he continued. "I'm sure everyone there would like to meet you."
"And then we can head to the 'Festival of Creation' from there?" said Jaller. "The last thing I need is to let Matoro out of my vision again."
"And maybe we can find Berix, too!"
Nilkuu decided to simply follow along with the Toa, despite how skeptical he was about them. In fact, there were still so many questions that are still unanswered about them; where did they come from? How do they know each other?

And above all, what other surprises could come from them?


Meanwhile, Matoro was listening to Narmoto and Kivoda rehearse "The Beast of KauKau's Bay". They had just finished the opening jingle, and they begun the next segment;

Oh, don't you sail and don't you row and certainly don't you swim!
'Cause if you aren't careful, you'll end up inside of him!
He'll eat you up and spit you out, you'd better stay away...
Heed the sign that says "Beware the Beast of KauKau's Bay!"

Some say he's a serpent that came straight from hell,
to eat the souls of heathens and other ne'er-do-wells.
Some they don't believe it, as for me I've got a hunch;
'cause they used to have some heathens here...
But he ate them all for lunch!

Don't you sail and don't you row and certainly don't you swim!
'Cause if you aren't careful, you'll end up inside of him!
He'll eat you up and spit you out, you'd better stay away...
Heed the sign that says "Beware the Beast of KauKau's Bay!"

Something about part of the wording caught Matoro by surprise; 'heathens' As if they were of that big of a problem. But he couldn't wonder for too long...

Sidorak, you've heard of him; he came to KauKau's Bay.
It seemed his little nemesis had nearly got away.
He reached out to Vakama, a cut to be incised...
There was a CRUNCH.
And now the Spider King has got a new hand that's oversized!

Oh, don't you sail and don't you row and certainly don't you swim!
'Cause if you aren't careful, you'll end up inside of him!
He'll eat you up and spit you out, you'd better stay away...
Heed the sign that says "Beware the Beast of KauKau's Bay!"

Matoro cocked an eyebrow. "Funny how they include a supposed encounter of an older villain..." he said to himself. What caught him off guard was their final segment;

Pridak the Barraki, you know now that he's dead.
But did you know his armor used to be Black and Red?
Of course, nobody's really scared of him now just because
he saw the beast just once, and now he looks like Sandy Claws!

Oh, don't you sail and don't you row and certainly don't you swim!
'Cause if you aren't careful, you'll end up inside of him!
He'll eat you up and spit you out, you'd better stay away...
Heed the sign that says "Beware the Beast of KauKau's Bay!"

That was when it hit him; did they really know ANYTHING about their past except for the figures from it? Could they just be naive, or is there something going on here? His train of thought was derailed by Kivoda's voice. "How was our rehearsal?"
"Oh, I liked it a lot! Thanks for letting me come, Kivoda." replied Matoro, trying his hardest not to sound suspecting.
"Anytime, Kopa- I mean, Matoro."
"Kivoda! Matoro!" said Narmoto over the new crescendo of screams from outside. "You two may want to see this..."
Chaos was beginning to fill the streets as spiders swarmed in from the south side of town, facing the jungle. And to make matters worse, a new figure was stepping out of the shadows; a green-and-yellow protector, but an odd looking mask covered his face.
"By the gods..." said Kivoda.


Vizuna responded by raising his six-shot bow and firing on Matoro, entangling him in vines. Narmoto quickly went to free the Toa of Ice while Kivoda waded through the mass of spiders toward Vizuna. "It looks like we are in need of your services again, Matoro." said Narmoto. "We haven't seen a raid this big in months, and with Vizuna under the Skull Spiders' control, things have only gotten worse. Will you help us?"

Matoro smirked as he brandished his wargear. "What's a Toa to do when danger calls for a killing?" He fired his bow twice, encasing several spiders and clearing most of Kivoda's path. He then began hacking and slashing at the spiders that began to replace them. Kivoda finally reached Vizuna, who was entangling other villagers with malice, and fired his water six-shooter at the Skull Spider on Vizuna's face, only to remember that Blue Skull Spiders are the armored kind. "Toa!" shouted Kivoda as he fell back to Matoro and Narmoto's position. "I need your blade against the spider that has claimed Vizuna!"
"What, decapitate him?! No thank you!"
"There's a lever on the back of his head; hit that hard enough, and it should knock the spider off!"
Matoro almost retorted, but then he saw it; there WAS a large extrusion on the back of the Protector's head, sticking out like a campfire in a snowstorm. He waited for his chance, circling the Jungle Protector...

Then whirled to his backside and slammed the lever with the flat of his blade.
(stop music)
Vizuna flipped through the air from the impact, flinging the spider clean off...and right onto Matoro's mask. Matoro fought to pry the creature off, but more spiders came and held him down. And just as they finally pulled his mask off, everything went white. At least, for the spiders. For under that mask was an unrecognizable face shrouded in a blinding light, terrifying the spiders and making them scatter.

Worse still, Matoro's organic mask had a mind of its own whilst detached from his face. It rocketed around the village with a Skull Spider clinging on for dear life, squealing bloody murder. Through windows, walls, whatever-the-sort, it kept sprinting like a wild animal unchained all the way until, out of sheer luck, it zoomed into Matoro's hand.(stop music) With the mask no longer warping and recoiling in its grasp, the poor spider finally let go, pale white as a ghost. By the time Matoro had the mask back on his face, the remaining spiders had dispersed. It was at that point that Anthodar came along, picking off a spider or two along the way. "Whell dohne, Toah! You hahve once again shown youhr skills as ah Toah, ahnd a loyal guardian!"
"Guardian?" Matoro was confused. "As in, 'Stay here and defend' type of Guardian?"
"VIZUNA!" Anthodar completely avoided Matoro's questions, going straight for his old friend. "Feeling bettah after thaht scahre?"
"A little better, yes. Especially considering I was taken by the Skull Spiders. But thankfully, Kopaka saved me even though I may have gotten a concussion..."
"My name is not Kopa-!"
"How could thees have happened, brothah? What happened to you?"
"Well..." Vizuna dug back into his memory, still fuzzy from Matoro's 'rescue'. "The last thing I remember was meeting the self-proclaimed 'Master of Fire'. And then, I saw him with a Skull Spi-" Vizuna stopped, for he saw Anthodar's temper starting to burn away. The Protector of Fire's hands balled into trembling fists, and he immediately jerked his head in Matoro's direction with a Muaka-like snarl...

"Wheah ees the rest of your 'team'?!"

Karzahni Nui, I took way too long with this. Damn this motivation-less two months!Explosion
And it doesn't help that Senior-itis is starting to kick in...
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