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Bionicle: Shadow among the Flames

Act 2: Confusion

Chapter 2:

Okoto2 by EpicLucario52

Matoro awoke to the sound of alarm klaxons beeping in his ear. The bobbing of the canister indicated that he was back on water, wherever he was. His body ached all over, even in places where it shouldn't. How long was I out?... thought Matoro as he tried to stretch out in the small space, turning off the klaxons. It was then that he noticed that his armor had changed; his sword had melded into the shield nicely, even having a second blade alongside what was his Energized Ice Sword. His bow had changed drastically; the Cordak Blaster had shrunk explosively. It was almost just a plain Ice Bow, to say it...'cooler'?

Matoro pulled up a mirror on the dashboard. Out of all his armor pieces, his Kanohi Iden had remained untouched. Then it hit him;
"Where am I?"
Activating his mask, he floated out of the canister and surveyed the Island ahead. Hang on, that's not Daxia OR New Metru Nui! Has this even been mapped yet? He zoomed back into his canister and pulled up the map, only for it to show 'Data Unavailable'. Then the idea came to check the stardate; it too, showed 'Data Unavailable'. But this was different; on occasion, the screen flickered, showing the Kanohi Vahi for a split second each time.
(cue music end)
Matoro's heart skipped a beat; he already knew what that meant. "I travelled through time?" Matoro said aloud, "But how? It's not like one of us had the Kanohi Vahi or Olmak on hand for that."
(jump back to 1:01)
"I guess I better head for shore." he continued, "That way I can figure out where I actually am." he twiddled with the throttle with no avail. "Crud, propulsion's down. Guess I'll have to go there the old-fashioned way."
He pressed the release button on the canister's hatch, which blinked 5 times as a countdown, then burst off, letting water rush in. Matoro quickly froze it and weaved a miniature iceberg for him to stand on outside.(1:23) It was there on that icy platform that Matoro finally felt the sun above. Being a Toa of Ice, you wouldn't expect the sun to be a refresher; but for Matoro, it was like the sweet touch of home, like a cozy fireplace on a rainy day. Several birds flocked overhead, each of them calling out and singing like a choir. They flew right over Matoro's head, skimming the water ahead. Now I know what it's like to be a Toa of Air. thought Matoro as he smiled in the sun's rays, That Lewa was lucky to be able to experience this every day! 
(stop music at 1:52)
Then he felt it; a deep chill from down below; WAY down below, as though it was in the ocean itself. Matoro peered over the edge of his platform.
"My gut's telling me this is no time for a swim.." he muttered.

Soon he knew why.


Matoro pulled out a glider pack, wings like axe blades, and fitted it onto his back.(0:06) Then he saw them; Takea Shark fins were breaking the surface of the water not far ahead.(0:12) Matoro tried to start up the engines, but they sputtered and coughed.(0:17) The sharks were approaching fast, so Matoro knew he had to be quick. But the sharks struck first;(0:23) one leaped out of the water, jaws agape. Matoro froze him solid, but another followed.
And another.
And another. But Matoro held his ground the whole way, freezing them as they came. And still trying to start up the measly engine on his glider.
Then it happened; one shark snatched Matoro off his platform, shoving him into the water. Matoro held his breath hard as he hacked at the shark's eye; in this warm water, he couldn't conjure any ice this deep.(0:46) But the shark suddenly let go and swam away, fast. Matoro wasn't sure what to think of it, but he rushed back to his iceberg, coughing a little.(0:53) Matoro tried the glider again. Nothing but a sputter. Why is it always the compact things that don't work?! yelled Matoro in his head as he yanked the manual ripcord.(1:02) As the engines finally turned over, he caught sight of what had scared the sharks; he could only see a silhouette, but it was BIG.(1:08) Matoro kicked off the iceberg just as the beast smashed through it from below, now in hot pursuit of the Toa of Ice. He looked back, and he saw the creature's face; it seemed to resemble a Mata Kanohi KauKau.(1:22) That's...kind of weird. thought Matoro, Why would a destructive sea beast like this need a Mask of Water Breathing?(1:26) His thoughts were cut off by a set of claws suddenly lashing out at him, missing his left leg by an inch. Ok, that's no fish. Matoro tried to focus on the Island dead ahead, but the beast kept flailing its arms in his direction.
It looked like the beast had given up for a moment, but it suddenly pulled ahead of Matoro, turning onto its backside and staring the Toa of Ice in the face. That thing almost looks like Nocturn, thought Matoro, but MUCH bigger!(1:42) One of its clawed hands reached out of the water to one side and some of the foaming water rushed to it. Before Matoro could react, a jet of hot water slammed into him, sending him flying across the ocean.(1:47) He cried out as he flew toward a collection of coral, where(1:51) he bashed his head against some of the bleached brain coral. 

As his vision faded out in the water, he saw some of his Mahri memories flash before his eyes. But what he never noticed, as he was drowning, was a small figure rapidly zooming toward him holding what resembled a set of bicycle handlebars and turbines on his shoulders...


"Ah Toah of ICE?" Anthodar exclaimed, "In ze reegion of WATAH?!"
"It would seem so, Anthodar." replied Kivoda. "But why ice? Where is the Master of Water when I need her?"
"I would ask ze same theeng, brothah. BUT-" he he walked over to where Matoro lay on a leafy futon. "-why fate would choose tu send Kopakah tu ze reegion of watah ees beeond me. How did yu find heem out theah?"
"He was attacked by the Beast and knocked into a patch of open coral. I zipped over there to find him unconscious and drowning."
"Why didn't he use some of hees ice powah? Are you sure he ees a Toah of Ice? There ees so much we don't knoh about thees generation of Toah; at leest, so much that we don't knoh zat would differ from previous generations." Anthodar started to make his way toward the door to the floating leaf pod. "When he awakens, find out what he knohs. Or perhaps, what he doesn't knoh." 

As he stepped onto the short swing bridge that connected the pod to the beach, Anthodar suddenly froze.

Skull Spiders. Dozens of them, crawling over the sandbar.(0:03) "SPIDAHS!" roared Anthodar as his Fire Six Shooter unloaded into the mass, only for several blue spiders to leap up and deflect every shot. "They've brought armah!"
"Armor?! I'm on my way, brother!" called Kivoda as he snatched up his own Water Shooter and ran out the door, not noticing that Matoro's eyes had snapped open.(0:16) Now, several silver spiders scuttled top speed out of the mass, charging the two Protectors. "Rushers!" said Kivoda, "Prepare for melee combat!"
Anthodar whipped out his Magma-crystal Daggers as the spiders leaped toward him.(0:27) The searing hot blades carved through their hides with ease, but there were a LOT more spiders to deal with, and Kivoda had only just unloaded his Six Shooter. "We can't do this alone, brother! We need another here with us, a classic 'hero to save the day'! We need a Toa!"
"You have one!" came a voice behind the two Protectors. They craned their necks to see Matoro striding over the bridge and onto the spider infested beach.(0:40) Both quickly stepped aside as Matoro fired his Ice Bow for the first time. The impact froze several spiders in a layer of ice, stopping them dead in their tracks.(0:52) Several more shots rained down on the spiders, leaving patches of ice on the beach as well as a now-panicked swarm.(1:00) The Protectors rejoined the fight, unloading their six shooters again at the scattering mass. Matoro then pulled out his sword, its crystal blade glowing from the sunlight, and (1:08) thrust a wave of cold toward the spiders, freezing even more of them and making them easy pickings for the Protectors.(1:20) Most of the spiders were on the full retreat, but many blues remained to hold the line. Matoro suddenly caught a different sight, and he leaped to one side as a Midak blast skidded on his shoulder.(1:28) A pair of Thuderfuries had spotted the group and engaged, blasting away at the three heroes.

"What ahre they?!" exclaimed Anthodar as they quickly descended on he and Kivoda. "Thuderfuries!" replied Matoro. "I'll take care of them; you focus on the 'skull spiders'!"(1:36) They did so without question, and Matoro charged the two new assailants.(at 1:52, jump to 4:04) To his amazement, the second Protosteel blade on his sword chopped through the Thunderfuries' bodies like a hot knife through butter. "That...was a lot easier than I remembered." puzzled Matoro. Then his light head returned. "Ugh, not exactly my best day..." he moaned as he stumbled forward. The two Protectors were at his sides in an instant, having dealt with the remaining spiders. "Stehdy now, Kopakah; you ahre still recovering from your encountah with ze Beast of KauKau's bay. Let's get yu back tu ze pod..." As they returned, Matoro slumped between the two Protectors, two things happened to change the mood of the setting; one, Kivoda couldn't help but notice that the Ice that 'Kopaka' shot was electrified. Two, Matoro uttered the killshot...

"Um, sir? I'm not Kopaka..."
Wow, this chapter put my principle of "building scenes around music" to the test. 
Heh, makes me wanna post something about that at some point, if you fellow writers are interested.

See you again soon!
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