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Bionicle: Shadow among the Flames

Act 2: Confusion

Chapter 1:

Several hours before...

Okoto1 by EpicLucario52(yippee! Current locations!...bleh)

Fire Lord emerged from the rift to find his platoon surrounded by small, spider-like creatures. Each one was no bigger than a Kanohi mask(in fact, there were connection points similar to a Kanohi), but there were a LOT of them. Fire Lord tapped into their minds and saw that these were no savages; these "skull spiders" served under a much more powerful entitiy.(0:12) These shouldn't be a problem for us...thought Fire Lord, So what's with the hesitation?(0:16) He turned his head and caught a glimpse of a much larger spider, which skittered into the undergrowth. "You can't hide from a Great Being, you know." muttered Fire Lord loudly, "Perhaps I'll spare your life if I would have a word with your leader?" 
The monstrous spider emerged, revealing six powerful legs and a set of jaws where the fangs would be. "[I believe it is I that you seek, Great Being]." hissed the spider, "[For I am the Lord of Skull Spiders]." Fire Lord recognized the language immediately; Visorak tongue. "Lord, hm? Well, there's something ALREADY that we have in common. Stand down, men..." The surrounded Fire Vultures and Thunderfuries lowered their stance as the spiders retreated. "Let me tell you something else that we 'may' have in common..."-he leaned in close to the Great Arachnid's ear-"TOA."

The Skull Spiders hissed and spat at the sound of the word, clearly loathing. "Yep, we both hate that word. And Toa are coming; they're no Tahu through Kopaka bunch, oh no. These Toa know each other, so there's no questioning the Master of Fire's leadership." when the spiders' clicking stopped, he continued. "And it gets worse...there's more than just 6 Toa; Two others, a Toa of Light and a Toa of Plantlife come as well. All things considered, you're going to need all the help you can get..."

"Help that I can provide."

The Lord of Skull Spiders snapped his jaws as he clicked and trilled warily, "[HOW will you help us]?" 
Fire Lord's eyes lit up as an idea came to him. "Well first of all, we need a more permanent control method than to just throw a Skull Spider on the face of every Villager; there's just not enough of you for the job!"
"[We shall use who we have!]"
"And leave yourself defenseless?! Not on my watch. Did you see that?" -he gestured to where the rift once floated- "I as a Great Being can travel through time and space at certain intervals. And although it is best we look into the future, for this case, we have to look into the past. And I have just the location!" The rift opened once again, and Fire Lord gestured the great arachnid to it. "Shall we? We'll be back before the rest of you know it!" 

The Lord of Skull Spiders hesitantly crawled through the open rift, Fire Lord close behind. But as that rift began to close behind them, another rift opened only a few feet from where they once were...


The two supervillains emerged in the back corner of a vast collection chamber with a huge, smoking green-and-black crystal sphere at its centre. And standing right in front of it was an emerald-clad Skakdi with a snake-like face. "Zaktan!" whispered Fire Lord, "Keep to the shadows as we approach; if he sees us, we're in for a time paradox!"

"Soon," Zaktan whispered in what sounded like many voices, "When the gathering is complete and the mask has been found...Life from death, death from life." Fire Lord and the Lord of Skull Spiders were against a wall, sidling closer and closer to the centre when the door behind Zaktan burst open and two more Skakdi entered; crimson-clad Hakann and tan-clad Avak. Zaktan whirled around to face them and hissed, "You were not summoned!"
"The Matoran are getting restless." replied Hakann. "If you weren't spending all your time in here, you would know that. Then again, if you WERE spending time with them, they would have skipped 'restless' and gone straight to 'panic'. You don't exactly inspire warm feeling."
Fire Lord and the LoSS started moving again as Avak began to describe how one of his Zamor launchers was stolen. "When I tried to track it down, I was attacked by-"
"By a Matoran." Hakann said, smiling. "Great and powerful Avak was beaten by a Matoran. What would our old friends among the Dark Hunters say about that?"
"They're going to be reciting your eulogy if you don't shut up!" Avak growled. "Zaktan, this plan is not going to work. And if they catch on, we will have hundreds of angry Matoran swarming all around like insects..."

Fire Lord's stomach lurched; he knew what Zaktan was about to do. But it was the one chance he had at this. "On my signal, sneak over and swipe up as much of that smoke as you can with this." He handed the LoSS a glass vial with a small funnel on top and stuck a cork on one of his fangs. Grasping the vial with his front legs, the great arachnid made a gesture resembling a nod and prepared himself.
"The plan is not at fault." snarled Zaktan. "The failure is yours. You were supposed to act like Toa so the Matoran would not suspect the truth."
"Well, we're NOT Toa!" Avak snapped. "We're Piraka. Thieves, killers, and, once we have the Mask of Life, rulers. The Toa couldn't stop us, the Dark Hunters couldn't keep us in line, and maybe the days of taking orders from you are over, too." Fire Lord watched and listened as an angry hum filled the air. Then Zaktan's right arm extended toward Avak, and a swarm of Protodites now engulfed the brown Piraka, as well as obscuring the view of the crystal. 

"Go! Go! Go!" Fire Lord hissed, and the Lord of Skull Spiders zipped out of the shadows, whatever skittering sound he made drowned out by the Protodites' hum. Carefully holding the vial upside down, the LoSS waved it back and forth, collecting the green-and-black smoke that rose from below into the crystal. When the vial was so full that the smoke began to billow back out, the spider plopped the vial down on the cork on his fang. Pulling the now-full vial off his fang, he made his way back to Fire Lord just as he heard Hakann say "When you're quite finished?" Zaktan reluctantly pulled back the Protodites, leaving Avak to fall to his knees, coughing. "Next time, I will not be so merciful." Zaktan said flatly. 
"You can take your 'mercy' and-" Avak began, ready to spring the attack, but Hakann stepped between the two Piraka before a fight could break out. "What Avak means is that he is grateful for your understanding. He spoke out of turn and regrets it. Don't you, Avak?" When the Piraka didn't answer, Hakann kicked him in the side. "DON'T YOU, Avak?"
"Yes," Avak spat. "I'm starting to regret a lot of things." Fire Lord and the spider king started to retreat into another rift, silently sneaking out of the room(and time period). "The Matoran think they have a reason to fear us." said Hakann, turning his attention back to Zaktan. "I suggest we give them something to really be afraid of."

"Oh, the Matoran of this time won't be alone on that for long..." sniggered Fire Lord to himself as the rift closed on the collection chamber.


Back on Okoto, Fire Lord and the Lord of Skull Spiders emerged from the rift to see another one just a few feet in front of them close. "What did I tell you? No time passed at all!" As they walked back into the center of the group, Fire Lord viewed the vial in his hand. "[What did we collect]?" clicked the spider king.
"This is Antidermis; it's essentially the essence of the past Makuta. The Piraka used it to enslave the Matoran population of Voya Nui. I figured we could use it ourselves, once we've bent it to my will." Fire Lord slipped the vial into his inventory. "We'll need to replicate a lot of it, too; there's a lot of villagers on this Island, and I don't want to miss a single one. now, to locate a base of operations..." He jetted up onto a high branch, a lone Skull Spider clinging on for dear life. Pulling out his blaster, he observed the semi circled nozzle. I bet I could fit a Zamor Sphere into this. thought Fire Lord, But I'll need time to bend this Antidermis. And time is of the 'essence' here. He smirked at his bad pun.

It was then that he caught sight of the Protector of Jungle swinging toward him...
*Whew!* I got this out faster than I thought I would! Hope you guys enjoy this installment. 
Also, in case you guys were wondering, that whole middle segment was almost a direct quote to Bionicle Legends #1: Island of Doom. I could not leave out a reference to those books in Shadow among the Flames; although I only ever got the first 7, they were some of my favorites.
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