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219ezo by EpicLPer

For all those living under a rock: MLP Gen 4 will end in 2019-2020 according to leaks.
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Heya there!

So I heard from some guys that DeviantArt Premium is kinda worth it... But I'm not fully sure yet and all that and actually I kinda hate to ask here. I'm not a guy that "likes to beg for money" or just being like that but then again I... dunno... It seems like a lot of moooneeeh for just such a thing and yeah D:

Anyways, if you wanna help out a little (and I want to thank you a lot for this yet already) just spend a few points on my profile page, I started a Donation on the right top side there :3 And if you do so I love you x3 And I want to thank you a ton x3 *cuddlez u all*
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Okay, seems like the tagging-game that happens heavily all over DeviantArt right now finally hit me! :3     Gosh I'm shy what should I write ;w;

I got tagged by the yet most awesome GMod animator I've ever seen: :iconthatgraycartoonpony:

Rules (seems like I actually need to include those here too):
1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 things about him/herself.
3. Answer 10 questions asked to you, and then invent 10 other questions that people you tag will answer.
4. Choose EXACTLY 10 people, and add their icons to your journal.
5. Go to their pages, and tell them that they've been tagged.
6. No tag-backs.
7. Everyone tagged must make a tag journal entry like this one.


     1) Favorite comedy?
If your videos count I'd choose them xD

     2) You find yourself on a lonely planet with George Clooney and a dispenser, and you have to choose between
         saying “Pootis” over a thousand times or watching the 4 seasons of “My Little Pony: Friendship is magic” 2 times...... in French omfg.
         What would you choose?
MLP of course :D But only because the worst version of MLP is still the German one (and yes German is actually my main language) :P

      3) Favorite meal?
MELOOOON. Nah, dunno, most things taste sooooo good ;w; Can’t decide ;w; HALP :iconscaredflutterplz:

      4) 你说中文吗?
Totally not Google Translator hehe :3

     5) Which one of my vids is your favorite?
Which one? You kidding? All of them are amazing dude xD

     6) Suddenly, apples! (Your reaction?)
CIDER TIME! :iconapplejackisdizzyplz:

     7) Are you a SpapS?

     8) 2 + 2 = ?
… = one hell of a party (hehe) :3

     9) If you had to choose between Bruce Willis and Tom Cruise, which one would you pay 1000 bucks to spend 1 day with Luna on the Moon to cheer her up?
I would give Luna that money so she can finally buy herself some Moonboots huehhuehuehueueuehauehuaheuahu... Okay, bad joke, sorreh :'c

     10) Am I a pretty unicorn? :3
:iconponiesplz: :iconsaysplz: But of course, darling!

Okay, I'm tagging: :iconargodaemon: :iconponylumen: :iconpercytechnic: :iconkevinerino: 
... and no one else ;w; I have too less friends, sowweh ;w; *hides and shyly cries in corner*

My questions are:
1) Are you a human being?
2) How many times have you been tagged now? :3
2a) If you already were tagged, is it getting annoying already? :c Sorry if your answer is yes. :'c
3) What do you think is the best creation you've made so far? (Drawing/Video/Animation/etc.)
4) Can you handle the dropped base? :3333
5) What do you think about my friends music? :3 Shameless advertising, sowweh :c
6) If you could be a pony or any other creature in Equestria for one day explain what it will be, why and what you would do first?
7) What do you think about Alicorn OCs? Are they really like "Heya, look at me I wanna be special!" or do you think the same about them as everyone else's?
8) Are you going to be at GalaCon 2014? If yes, wanna meet me? :3333
9) Aaaaah I'm running out of questions ;w; Insert whatever you want here :3
10) Meep :3

Thanks for tagging :iconthatgraycartoonpony:! Would be awesome to write with you one day in Steam/Skype/anythingelseyouwant maybe :3
Hey there guys!

This is actually my first Journal entry here on DeviantArt. Anyway, let's get to the real topic here.

I recently saw that :iconepickitty54: keeps on saying things that really never happened. Lets call him "EpicKiddy" (yes, I'll call him this the whole Journal long).
First of all this happened to :iconbenno950: as seen HERE. If EpicKiddy will delete that comment one day, here, have a screenshot: SCREENSHOT
I once had him in Steam and talked a few days with him even tho I always wanted to block him because he annoyed me too much. I could post the chat log here but I won't because even tho I hate a person I will always keep private things private. 

I just wanted to tell you guys that everything he says about a person or "about a person who said bad things about another person" (yep, my english isn't the best, forgive me) is not true. He just makes up those things and tries to get more and more known.

I sure bet that guy is "funny at parties" :iconflutterfabplz: