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[SFM Test] Equestria Girls MoCap

By EpicLPer
So I tested motion capturing with the new Equestria Girls models for Source Fil. I've re-used one of my old mocap animations which you can also see HERE.
Works better than I expected! Also applying the movements is easier than I thought.

MP4 video with better quality available here: GDrive (EpicLPer)

PS.: This is nearly unmodified footage from one XBox Kinect camera. Expect jittering and weird movements.
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Thread8's avatar
I want to see her panties (lenny)
YazToonz2021's avatar
Shut up please! -_-
LoveSkyeandTundra's avatar
Hi! Do you do requests?
EpicLPer's avatar
TheAdorableOshawott's avatar
Heh, looks really nice! I'm surprised that it works with MoCap.
EpicLPer's avatar
Yeah, me neither ;P
TheAdorableOshawott's avatar
Yeah. You just did something awesome!
TheAdorableOshawott's avatar
Just wondering, what will you do with those models?
yuseimutou's avatar
you can publish this video the Fluttershy EQG 3D in youtube?
EpicLPer's avatar
Nah, for this it's far too bad. I can try to make a newer thing showing of some real action, using MoCap data for real action scenes in SFM however is hard.
ILM126's avatar
Nice, this looks amazing!
vinuldash's avatar
Oh, I envy you, that you have a device kinect, with which you are so well create animation, good job ;) (Wink) 
Keen-Blade's avatar
The mocap is impressive, but man, that face is heading into the uncanny valley.
Texas-Doughnut's avatar
Works pretty well.
Legoguy9875's avatar
I never expected those models to work with mocap. Nice find.
m2pt5's avatar
Not to mention that Kinect cameras are surprisingly good for cheap consumer-level mocap.
Legoguy9875's avatar
How much are they right now? I'm considering getting one for my SFM animations.
m2pt5's avatar
Looks like the Kinect that's specifically for Windows isn't available much of anywhere at the moment, I did find the XBox One version on Amazon for as little as $30 used, but that one needs a ~$50 adapter to work with a PC.
EpicLPer's avatar
I actually have the normal XBox 360 one for ~100€ since the Windows one costed like double the price. It came with an USB adapter and all I needed were some drivers, nothing more. Plus the software to MoCap of course but that was a trial one.
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