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[SFM] Immortal Bookhorse

Well I wasn't able to find a better name for this... I'm also not happy at all how this picture turned out...
Still decided to upload it tho so it won't be wasted rendering time.

Also, first time I'll enable "Premium Content" on a picture. If you want to support me download it via the points button, if you prefer the free version you can GRAB IT HERE.
The Premium Download will also contain the raw, unedited file where I corrected nothing and directly out of Source Filmmaker. As said, it's optional.

And as always, have some tech-nerd stats:
General Work Time (idea to finish): ~15 hours (split all over a week)
SFM: ~13,5 hours
Rendering (7680x4320): ~1 hour
GIMP:~0,5 hours
Map Name: sfm_flatvoid_grass_dark.bsp

FunFact: I've decided to render this in 7680x4320 resulting in a 126MB big PNG, after compression with GIMP it's only 11MB.
FunFact 2: ALL, really ALL grass models here are placed by hands. Over 400 of them. Making a particle was too complicated for me :P
Image details
Image size
7680x4320px 11.62 MB
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:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Overall
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Vision
:star::star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Impact

Oh... My this is something, this is something indeed. Since I am not one to lollygag when doing this I'll cut straight to the chase.

Vision 3.5
Very beautiful, yet it at the same time a grim reminder of the inevitable demise. It's a bittersweet goodbye.

Originality 2.5
Well the be fair there's no shortage of art demonstrating the fact Twilight's an alicorn now, and she'll eventually have to cope with the loss of her friends. So to be honest it's not the most original work.

Technique 4.5
Oh my this looks fantastic. Despite the lack in originality it really makes up with technique. The posing's wonderful and the rain alongside making everything have that wet, almost glossy feel. It's probably one of the best SFM images I've seen when it comes to the technique.

Impact 4
To be honest this did kinda-sorta tugged at me when I saw it.
It's a very sad, gloom and sorrowful piece, but personally I think it adds to the beauty in this case.

Very well done.
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I see you like SFM/gmod
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I use it from time-to-time. But you can't exactly say that X made in photoshop looks better then Y made in SFM, as they're completely different programs. Capable of different things.
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To me, they have the same graphics, physics, and such... All the same
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That's not true. As SFM/Gmod is a 3D model posing program while Photoshop/Paint.NET (what I use besides SFM) is a traditional digital art program, for instance.… (Credit : Gamermac, Program : Photoshop/Paint.NET/etc.)
is a thousand times different then… (Credit : Cortez95, Program : SFM)
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Well the point I was getting across is both options are for different stylistic choices.
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Oh... They seem similar enough to me, animations made from both look at least similar, same texture and such, love both anyways
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Thanks for the critique :3 Will help me to make better things in the future :D
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You're quite welcome.
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You made me cry with this....i maybe old... but it really messed with my feelings
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That was depressing.
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immortality really have too high a price
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SATAN! I CALL FORTH YE TO RESERECT THESE 5 MARES! I SHALL SACRIFICE HALF MY BLOOD FOR THIS! "Slits hand, arm, leg" heal me when you are satisfied!
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Oh noes... Not sad book horse!Supernatural OMG Twilight Sparkle - Hai Twilight Sparkle-sleeping on the books-PLZ 
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This is really greatly made, a lot of effort from you must been made to do this.. its really interesting piece I like it.
It kinda reminds my picture that I put my work to, a very different version of sad Twi.
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Oui, not this again...I think everyone knows by now: Megan McCarthy herself has confirmed in a twitter blog that Twilight is not immortal and will not outlive her friends.

Still, despite that, this is a good, emotional image. Nice job.
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I cant believe someone would take 15 hours to make a picture in SFM.
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It's just a "somewhat accurate" thing. Could've been 10 hours, could've been more but also less. I worked split over a week on that thing and thus I can't tell how many hours went into this anymore.
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alicorn are immortal because celestia is so old that she had know many generation of pony Awkward Mike and nice picture !But I didn't listen (Rainbow Dash) PLZ 
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This looks great!

Just... Twi's not immortal. The writes even said it themselves that book horse is not immortal. So.. yeah...
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It might not be canon, but it's an interesting/sad concept.
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