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Hello everyone! Tomorrow or whenever I post again, I will be drawing my FNaF oc and probably some FNaF fanart. So I'll be going back into that. I will still be drawing other things then that, for example: Random ocs, Sonic fanart, Mystreet fanart, and ect. Bye!
If you've been wondering why I haven't been posting (even tho no one likes my art, jk)... school and homework. Since yes, I am in the 6th grade I have SOOOOO much homework (and I'm lazy).

It was a Tuesday, Caydence and her friends were watching TV. “Hey, Caydence you hear something?” said Jack. Jack has been Caydence’s best friend ever since high school. “Um yeah, I heard something to you know what it is Caydence?” said Eli and Julian. “No” said Caydence “didn’t hear a… thing. Was it a gunshot or a gun reloading?”. “Yeah! Exactl- Ah! Caydence why you have your gun out?” Jack said. “Because” Said Caydence. Caydence got a text, the text read “Hello dear Caydence it is me, Demon Caydence your best CHILDHOOD friend. I want you to meet me on the cliff (The one a mile away from your house), please bring your friends. Sincerely, Your Pal.” Caydence sighed “Ugh, Jack you gotta drive.” Jack then said “Why?” Caydence replied saying “Uh, someone wants to meet me over there…” “Um o...okay…” said Jack It took a few minutes to get there. They were on the cliff. “Hey, Demon Caydence… w-were here.” Caydence said nervously. “Demon Caydence! You said someone not a supernatural thing!” Jack exclaimed. “ Demon Me where are yo-” Caydence said before she got cut off. “Well, well, and well looks like you came, heheheha!” Said Demon Caydence. “Ahh what the, where did you come from you freak!” Jack screamed. “Well, I can appear anywhere since I… am a  demon or heh a “freak” as you call me.” Demon Caydence explained. “What do you want us here for?” Asked Eli. “Ugh I forgot you were friends with these two losers.” Demon Caydence chuckled as she said that. “E-hey that’s mean!” Exclaimed Julian. Demon Caydence pulled out a gun. “Uh welp, I am friends with your ancestors but… they won’t mind.” Demon Caydence shot Eli in the left eye. “Shoot, I missed! I meant to shoot right in between your eyes.”Ah Eli, Demon Me why did you do that?” Caydence asked. “He was in the way…” She shoots Julian straight in the head, he fell on to the ground. A small blood puddle stood where he stood is there. “Julian!” screamed Eli covering his eye as blood ran down his hand. Demon Caydence then told “Ahh welp old friend sorry about that” she then pushed Caydence off the edge.She held on to the edge. Her jacket’s sleeve started to slip as for her other sleeve was already off. Demon Caydence then stepped on her hand and she fall from 20ft and so did her hoodie. “Caydence, no!” It all faded to darkness for Caydence, Eli and Jack ran to the hospital they forgot about Caydence. Caydence heard nothing but silence she couldn’t talk, move, or do anything...she was dead. Then all of a sudden she heard 2 or 3 people talking she thought it was paramedics but, she opened her eyes and saw 3 different “versions” of herself. 1 of them was her with angel wings and a halo, the 2nd one had devil horns and was wearing a suit, and the last one was demon Caydence. They were talking about where she was going to go. “Come on Angel just let me keep her alive” said Demon. “No way! You’ll just posses her and then you’ll use her as your own body.” Angel said. “That is true but, I do like the idea.” said Devil Caydence. “Ugh I decide whether or not she lives…” said Angel. “Um, what’s going on?” said Caydence. “Oh, Do you want to live and I “help” you or Die and live in that place called heaven?” asked Demon Caydence. Caydence answered “Um uh l-live?”. The deal was final even though Caydence had no idea what was going on she made the deal with Demon Caydence. Caydence shook hands with Demon Caydence and she “lived”. Demon Caydence then said "You have no idea what you just did, kid" before she took over Caydence. Caydence was no longer in control… "Ah this feels just like the old times" she chuckled as she said it. To Be Continued...


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Ay, I'm Caydence I draw my characters I might draw some fnaf character.


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