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Dinovember day 13: Wild speculation



So here I've gone all out and tried to make this dinosaur as weird as I could, while still staying within the confines of reality. This is Pinacosaurus grangeri, which is known for having really weird nasal passages, which have been interpreted in a number of different ways, and I have drawn one of them here. This Pinacosaurus has a pair of inflatable sacs that occupy the holes in its skull when not inflated. It also has a head covered in keratin, not unlike that of crocodilians, and instead of an upper beak it has a fleshy pad inside its mouth, like what can be found in a number of ungulates. It has no cheeks, as well as a short mane of filaments on the ventral surface of it's neck. The tail is partly keratinized, as well as having eye spots and other markings to confuse predators. 
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The weirdest rendition of any dinosaur is he Idea that Brachiosaurus, giraffatitan and other related brachiosaurids had elephantine trunks.