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Sargon of Akkad the first emperor

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Jungle Hunter

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Converting V4 and M4 Poses to Genesis 3

There have been a couple of discussions recently on the Daz Forums about converting Victoria 4/Michael 4 poses to Genesis 3 figures. There are at present two ways to do this.  Just putting on the pose and adjusting manually doesn't really work because G3 has more bones than Generation 4. You can do it in a way that is a little more time-consuming but costs nothing using these scripts from ShareCG by rsg. To do this you load a V4 and a G3F or G3M into the scene, apply a pose to V4, and apply the script to V4 to get it to transfer properly to G3.  Then if you want to retain the converted pose you can save it back to library.  This also comes

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