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Hey guys! Long time no see! Lin 

Just another commission! I had some fun with this one! For those who have played Dotd this may look somewhat familiar because its based off from the "valley of alavar." Still, thought this turned out quite alright though! been a while since ive put more effort in a background! I have been working on making an actual brush set of my own lately. (Need to make a proper flower brush for them flowers. Oh well. :)) But I hope to expand my library until I can sit down and practically draw anything without worrying about texture and what not! Ive found that having good brushes really can speed up the process and make digital painting as a whole much more enjoyable! Hope you like it and thanks for commissioning me Dothurnaax  

next commission! :) 
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MarAlmok|Student General Artist
so beautiful :heart:
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Wow! This is just incredible!
So beautiful! Wonderful work here!
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DraconicXeno515's avatar
So pretty, love the lighting and whole atmosphere you created!
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xXrubistyleXx's avatar
I loooove the style you draw Cynder😍<3
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BTW this doesn't has to do with the aawesome drawing
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Dothurnaax|Hobbyist General Artist
Err mah fuckin' gerrd ya made him better than my mind could! Thank you so much for doin' this for me m88!
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I love this...

A lot...
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Eyenoom|Professional Digital Artist
The motherfucking amount of details in this background :stare:
It looks amazing! I really love the lighting <3
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DrakeTheAngel's avatar
So beautiful! I love the lighting and environment.
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StephDragonness|Hobbyist Digital Artist
u really amaze me ur backgrounds. so beautiful and detailed
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Cuuchii|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lin thanks for tagging my emote so i could see this !! I really like this an it looks amazingLin 
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Shoyzz-Art|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love the atmosphere you created! :clap:
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Krovash|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I haven't commented in a while.
This one is very well done! At a first glance i can't really say there's anything wrong with this, i have to go and specifically start nitpicking things, and the only few things i could think of are:
1) the wingarm should needs to be longer, the body is quite large, so at the current size, it doesn't seems like these wings could keep the character in the air.
2) only two of the crystals look like they're embedded in the ground (the largest and the tiny on on the left), this can be fixed very easily by just adding some dirt around where they touch the ground.
3) diving the image into thirds (the rule of thirds) makes me wanna move that dragon a bit to the right.

These issues i had to reach for, they're not as obvious and that's why this looks like a work done on a higher level than what you did previously.
Good job, keep it up!
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SoulofSharlio|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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VDragon-Creations|Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful! I really like this!
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This pic looks amazing x3
Nice job! ^^
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WerewolfLinkFan|Hobbyist Digital Artist
The background looks amazing!!<3
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Dragonkingmark's avatar
awesome! love the detail in this piece
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novoeric|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Another wonderful masterpiece as always:happybounce: 
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BlackBlood100|Hobbyist General Artist
This looks phenomenal! The lighting looks spectacular! :D Well done!!!!! :D :D 
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Deviant-Soulmates|Student Digital Artist
Absolutely beautiful work as always <3 You really captured a beautiful lighting and landscape in this piece, great atmosphere!
Love your works <3
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