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Weapon adopt 24 (CLOSED!!!)

About time I did another ranged weapon ,haven't drawn any in ages,even though bows are my favourite weapons,what is your favourite weapon type ?
Hope you like this forge baby 
♥♥♥Love you epic people ♥♥♥

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Current highest bidder.

1.BELONGS TO ReyIvory !

♥  STARTING BID:1points/0.01$
♥  MIN INCREASE: 1 points/0.01$

100 points=1$
♥ Upon purchase you will receive  larger PNG version of the adoptable♥ 
♥ You can name and redesign the character♥ 
♥ You don't have to credit me for design,although it would be appreciated♥ 
♥  You may trade or gift the character♥ 
The auction for individual characters will close 48h after the last bid.
If the buyer does not respond within 48h,character will go to the lesser bidder of will be returned to the auction.
Feel free to leave a comment .
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Interesting,I like that extrinsic style...It's captivating 😉
Vixenkiba's avatar
Oh man, this design is really stylish as well! :D Love the addition of feathers and the see-through parts :D

As for favourite weapon, that changes every day you ask me :'D Now it would be a fighting staff, that can be used both physically and magically?
Elephantfreak's avatar
Bows are some of my favorite weapons too! This one looks absolutely lovely.

I would love to see a chakram in your style. I've loved them since Dynasty Warriors 4, back in the day.
XandImus's avatar
most incrediable! ^0^
XandImus's avatar
most incrediable! ^0^
Is it just me or does everything you end up posting turn out better than the last?
I don't remember you doing any bow adopts before just customs I have requested and this trumps all of them!
Epic-Soldier's avatar
Btw,what's your favourite weapon type :) ?
Um, staffs, lances or dual wield thief class weapons.
Like these:
11 Seraph Saint (humble 02-07-2016) by TheMoonlitPrince   Maiden's Call (Epic_06-18-2015) by TheMoonlitPrince  12 Red Crucifix (humble 02-07-2016) by TheMoonlitPrince
Dragon Piercer (Epic_06-16-2015) by TheMoonlitPrince  Dominion Spear (Epic_09-02-2015) by TheMoonlitPrince Poseidon Wave (Rittik_05-30-2015) by TheMoonlitPrince
Crescent Blade (Weaponry 11-02-2015) by TheMoonlitPrince Helios Blades (Weaponry 11-13-2015) by TheMoonlitPrince Hit 'Em Good (Rittik 07-14-2015) by TheMoonlitPrince

Exotic weapons are also really awesome.
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Thank you.Well, it's supposed to be better every time  :)
I did at least 2 more bow adopts that I remember,but it was forever ago :V
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your art is goals tbh
Epic-Soldier's avatar
Ohh thank you :///3
Sunchipz's avatar
Chidorii-san's avatar
Really amazing!!

As for my favorite type, I love rapiers. They're so elegant. uvu
Epic-Soldier's avatar
Nice,I drew an outfit some days ago that I imagined to be used by rapier user ^^
Chidorii-san's avatar
My oc has a rapier. but he doesn't look like much of one to wield it XD he is more swift and flexible then elegant. and really? I bet it looks awesome uvu
Epic-Soldier's avatar
Is his name sage -stalker much- :D
Chidorii-san's avatar
Yep XD  thanks for a bit of your interest 
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Wow, this is beautiful!
Miaparart's avatar
Your welcome and your art really inspired me as well!
Epic-Soldier's avatar
Good to hear,you should try making your own designs ^^
Miaparart's avatar
Thanks! I really do love to draw so it works out in the end!
2drewand's avatar
Beautiful bow! My favorite are Scythes,
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