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Weapon adopt 20 (CLOSED!!!)

Haven't done a weapon in for ever ,sorry >.<,I really need to make more,this baby is the boss though :3


              Magical girl overdose sky blue RAFFLE (OPEN) by Epic-Soldier
Current highest bidder.

1.BELONGS TO TheMoonlitPrince 

♥  STARTING BID:1points/0.01$
♥  MIN INCREASE: 1 points/0.01$

100 points=1$
♥ Upon purchase you will receive  larger PNG version of the adoptable♥ 
♥ You can name and redesign the character♥ 
♥ You don't have to credit me for design,although it would be appreciated♥ 
♥  You may trade or gift the character♥ 
The auction for individual characters will close 48h after the last bid.
If the buyer does not respond within 48h,character will go to the lesser bidder of will be returned to the auction.
Feel free to leave a comment .

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All the swords you draw are so unique. It's cool how some of them have their own little features, like the small throwing knives in this one.
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Wow, love your weapon artworks! Great style.
Epic-Soldier's avatar
Thank you very much m8 :D
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Kinda looks like a dark Anti-Master Sword~
Epic-Soldier's avatar
What franchise is that from ?
TheBrandonian's avatar
Legend of Zelda mang
Master Sword? Link La 
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your work always inspires me so much :3 thank you - one day i'd like to comission you with some crazy ideas Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 
CutetheGamer925's avatar
Omg your so creative and cool x3
artsikairi's avatar
You're so creative >//< I can't do this kind of stuff...
I love this sword. Probably because I love to play Paladins, and this is a perfect fit for a Paladin.
Shame that the bids on it have gotten so freaking high.
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Epic weapon by Epic-soldier. Yup.
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Amazingly stunning design!!! I LOVE the details, it really feels magical and immensely powerful! Totally deserves the bids it is getting!!~
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Thank you so much :)
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And also, goshdarnit Epic, this sword looks so majestic <333 I'm loving the extra magic-floating daggers, seems like this could do quite some damage and effects in an mmo xD
Epic-Soldier's avatar
Yep,thank you,had it in mind as some extra dps when I was drawing then. I thought I'd be cool if those blades targeted vital moving points of ranged or running  targets so you cold just come and finish them with the big guy :D
Vixenkiba's avatar
That's EXACTLY what I had in mind!!
Epic-Soldier's avatar
Great minds think alike :D
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Wtf is wrong with you all? You guys could save so much money if you increased your bids by a point instead of $10. I'm not being rude, but why? I know the art looks great but $120 for a digital piece of art is really expensive. How rich are you guys to spend that much on a single adoptable piece of art. By the way, I love the art Epic Soldier.
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Welp,Vix has explained it pretty much,even though I myself find some adopt prices shocking :p
Also,thank you :)
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Well, people do buy the design, and not only the art =) If someone makes a story for example that they wish to publish, a design of a character, an outfit, a weapon, is worth a lot of money, since it will be featured in the story a lot. You're actually buying the rights to use it ;D 

And yeah, lots of people just use a lot of money for those purposes :D
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