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Free source sack icons

Hello my Peeps

Yep you read it right,sacks!

I've been wanting to so something like this for a while,bot only sacks but several free source icons like chests potions and banners but I never got around to doing them.

You can use these how ever you like,like for our artwork,page,game or rp.

The only thing I don't allow is editing and redistributing these as our own especially for money.(editing for personal use is ok)

You can download the rar for bigger res and separate files.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions ^^ !

Other free stuff.

Free source crystal icons by Epic-Soldier
© 2018 - 2021 Epic-Soldier
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You are an absolute angel for sharing these! Thank you SO much for sharing these! You have such an awesome day.

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You're welcome,cheers :D
Very nice, I like your shading, it resembles BrotherBaston which I'm a fan of.
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way to BAg it! ><
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I need these. good looking shoulder bag. I will go on a trip.
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I love this kind of stuff you do, just like those free crystals you made :D These are such cool ingredients for any fantasy environment, haha! Soon you can open your own "fantasy accessories" shop.
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Haha,thank you,I think I'll stick to selling weapons for now,I am planing to make more rpgish free stuff,If I can force myself to make some,I kinda want to make some chests :)
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Haha, can't wait to see the designs, regardless of them being chests or swords :D
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Whenever they will come out :''')
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I can wait FOREVEERRRRRR! :la:
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Omygosh, I love them XD
Epic-Soldier's avatar
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These are the absolute cutest sacks I have ever seen
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