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Free source crystal icons

Hello my lovelies ♥

I drew some crystals,they are completely free and anyone can use them ,I guess they're good if you like to role-play I guess or even and profile page icons or just and addition to something else,who doesn't love crystal right ?
If you want to use them please download the psd file,you can remove the shine and add a black outline if you fancy so :3
I'm planing to use them myself if the future :p
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Hi, when I try to extract the .rar file, I get constant error messages.

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These are freaking amazing as well. Thank you SO much for these!

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You are,welcome glad you like it :) 
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wow really good one
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Wow! Thats Really Good!
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I loved it! 
Can I use it for my YouTube channel icon and cover art?
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Sure thing,it is free source :)
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This reminds me of dragon age where there's normal lyrium (blue) Red Lyrium and green lyrium (doesn't exist yet i think)
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I'm a big fan of dragon age myself,nice notice ;)
TheFetishDoctor's avatar
Same! ^^

And Thank you *bows*
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I think they look awesome
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Oooh! owo these look so pretty! X3 and how nice of you to give them out for free! =3
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your very welcome~ X3
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Those are some sexy rocks there
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Haha :D,thank you m8 :3
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Wow, thank you for offering such pretty crystals for free use! 
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