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Floofo Magic Thing RAFFLE (CLOSED!)

By Epic-Soldier
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Hello,I'm still alive,just been reaaaally busy recently with private projects,but I love you all so here's another raffle for you guys that are still here,will tr to upload more stuff to ; . ; please don't forget me senpai .


If you want to join this raffle the rules are simple.

♦This raffle is for my watchers only ,so in order to enter it you have to watch me♦
♦To enter simply favourite this floof magic ball♦


This raffle will end in feb 14

♦Winner will be randomly generated with random number generator♦
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Congrats to OtterGurl for wining this raffle  ! ♥
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The 14th of February has passed...
Did you forget about this little babu?
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You are right,been busy with work,haven't had the time to get on devianart >>'' !
Thank you for reminding me !
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wait I'm kinda new to deviantart how do I add something to my favorites?
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Already watching and in the faces!

I'm SOOOO ready for this![BnHA] Bakugou #17 
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entering to win this cute floof ^.^
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Your art is just MMMMMMMMM man and that Character design though just spicy (is a watcher and i faved) 
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ahh thank you for the opportunity :^D
already a watcher and faved~
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You're welcome thank you for watching and supporting me :D !
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Oh man this fella is so cute!!!! I adore all of your work and have for a long time ( why else would I of followed for so long? ) but this fella super takes the cake! <3 I hope I get them~
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Thank you will be making sure to draw more of similar kind ^^ !
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I'm so glad to hear that!!! I can't wait~
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I'm joining! I'm a watcher AND I've faved this!
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Awesome,thank you and good luck :)  !
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I am a watcher and I have favorited! <3
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Good to see you back! (And cute floof!)
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Haha,thank you ^^,good luck with the raffle :)
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Already watching and faved~ Thank you <3
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