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.: Lil Liz :. by Ricuu
A Second Life (Finale) by Axel-Doi
.: Unforgettable Night :. by Ricuu
.: Lulu bb :. by Ricuu
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Next Gen: Hiding by Delzol
Sisters by Delzol
New Beginnings by Delzol
Next Gen: Makeup Sesh by Delzol
Twilight Sparkle
A Rising Hope by Axel-Doi
111 by Gouransion
Twilight Sparkle portrait by Com3tFire
Rarity looking for inspiration by NevilleRob
F2U Rarity Pixel Icon by 8-BitBrony
Rarity by Rosanacabellomaria
Bowty by Chipce
Rainbow Dash
Headcanon: Rainbow Dash by AkumaJDragon
Rainbow Dash by ElliasXmoon
  1 by Gouransion
Its for you ~ by CosyOsy
My Little Pony: Applejack by isabelle197
Pretty Bridesmaid Applejack by LaszlVFX
Apfel Pferd by TalonofWater
An Apple a Day by ShutterflyEQD
Pinkie Pie
pomk by ecoelus
Headcanon: Pinkie Pie by AkumaJDragon
F2U Pinkie Pie Pixel Avatar by 8-BitBrony
I like when you smile by LaszlVFX
Fluttershy by Shkura2011
Fs by Ch-Chau
fluttershy by papaudopoulos69
Fluttershy in a pumpkin bucket - Vector -Lineless by AllTimeMine
Original Ponies 4
Rainburst: Rainbow Dash x Pinkie Pie by AkumaJDragon
Zanari Feather: Fluttershy x Twilight by AkumaJDragon
Cosmic Dusk: Twilight x Rainbow Dash by AkumaJDragon
Cosmo: Rarity x Twilight by AkumaJDragon
2 or More Characters 2
Ballet[commission] by Shido-Tara
time ponies by mareshire
[C] Father and son by AkumaJDragon
[G] You are the bestest gift for me by AkumaJDragon
Traditional Art
Appleboom by Baron-Engel
Equestrian Royalty
Princess Celestia #3 by PumpkinPieforLife
Background Ponies
Sassy Saddles by LuxiWind
Cutie Mark Crusaders
All Aboard! (Redraw) by Rocket-LawnChair
Sunset Shimmer
Stuck Rabadash Shimmer by HorsesPlease
Starlight Glimmer
Royal Guard Starlight by PumpkinPieforLife
Queen Chrysalis
Hug a Chrysalis ! by AHEKAO
Discord by Crazyaniknowit
Equestria Girls
Meeting Moon Dancer... by charlieXe
Anthro or Human
Boarding Party by Baron-Engel
Pixels or Wallpapers
Electro Beat Avatar by 8-BitBrony
Let's Take A Ride (Animation) by 8-BitBrony
Autumn Blaze Plush by FleeceFriendship
Crafts and Sculptures
Princess Luna (wall-mounted nightlight) by VasGoTec
Comics and Ask me
The Lunar Eclipse Act III Part 8 (4 of 4) by Axel-Doi
Other 2
Icon Commissions [OPEN 3/3] by AkumaJDragon
Movie Characters

Mature Content

Jeans Mishap by PBdrewthat
Shipping Grid: Main Six [OPEN] by AkumaJDragon
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[Comm] Strike! by KlaraPL
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EVERFREE my friend 22en by jeremy3
2 or More Characters FULL
[C] Warmth by AkumaJDragon
Original Ponies 1 FULL
[request] Oc Kirin by DarkPrinceismyname
Original Ponies 3 - FULL
Sleeping sweety~ by SouppyMan
Original Ponies 2 - FULL
Rainbow Power: Console Command by Adv-Magearna-Giada
Other FULL
Doi and Scratch: Revisited by Axel-Doi
Contest 1 CMC Grown Up
Housewife Halloween Biscuits by PBdrewthat

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This group is rather versatile but there ARE rules which are expected to be followed!

~ 1. No art on lined paper, stolen art, traced art, etc.

~ 2. Submit to the correct folders, please! Take time to look over each folder before choosing which to place your work in.

~ 3. Be nice!! This group's focus is on a show that emphasizes the importance of friendship.

~ 4. NO MATURE CONTENT!!!! Don't submit anything nsfw.

If you have any questions, concerns, etc. feel free to contact the founder or co-founders.

Thank you !!

Group Info

This group was made for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan art and fans!

Have a good time!
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Jun 28, 2011


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5,414 Members
4,191 Watchers
219,335 Pageviews
Okay. This is hard for me to say it but I may as well do this now since... this group is in a serious need of an overhaul.

I have discussed this with another fellow moderator ColonelWaither and yeah, things in this group have been going very downhill as of late. Or in this case, an utter mess.

Ever since our founder hahasauce has somewhat disappeared, I took it upon myself to keep an eye on the group in the hopes that it can still keep going. It wasn't enough so I made a journal hoping to see if we can get new moderators. It worked and things actually improved... until I found out that the place got into the tank mode due to finding out that NSFW art made it onto here. One of the rules this group has is no NSFW art whatsoever. Any NSFW art found will be removed and how it got bypassed, I'll never know.

Therefore, we here are going to be going through a major overhaul meaning going through every single picture submitted and seeing if any fell under the cracks. Any art that did will be removed from the group. No ifs, ands or buts. I am partly to blame because I pretty much neglected my job here. But no more... however, I will have to make an announcement.

Yeah. I am going to be leaving this group soon. It was my plan from the get-go after I brought a few new moderators here, hoping that they can help hold the fort since I'm not cut out for this. I absolutely am not. I was given this opportunity by hahasauce. Sadly after years, I was planning on leaving the group and entrusting it with people who can make it better. Unfortunately that is not the case. It isn't.

So yeah, we're going through an overhaul and we will go through every picture that has been uploaded to this group. Any NSFW pictures will be removed. We're also going to be removing inactive moderators and I mean ones who have their accounts deactivated. It's time we fix things. It's time we set things right. More importantly, it's time to get this group back on it's feet.

My days on this group will be numbered since I'm moving onto other priorities but for now, I will be here to help.
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SpokenMind93 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wanted to let you guys know that a very active member of the community, named Etherium-Apex has been shown to be a supporter of the pedophile PurpleFlix.

I hope that you'll take this message seriously and that you will block/ban him from posting and/or discussing.

xtomy12 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2020  Student Digital Artist
Answer YES! i'm yes!
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I can offer help, if you need:) (Smile) 
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AkumaJDragon Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much!
InsomniaQueen Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is this group dead? My picture expired.
8-BitBrony Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We are not dead, just slow, sorry guys!
Ricuu Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2019  Student Digital Artist
My artwork expired, are you guys still active? :>
8-BitBrony Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We are not dead, just slow, sorry guys!
Ricuu Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Your submission folder is full :>
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