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OPEN AUCTION | Iris Nyx - The Komorimimi by Ricuu
Iris Nyx - The Komorimimi by Ricuu
Chubii Bunni - The Moe Usagimimi | OPEN AUCTION by Ricuu
.: Mizarvt - Design and Reference Sheet :. by Ricuu
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Princess Luna [REDRAW] by VioletPony11

Mature Content

Fluttershy comm by DDarkHorse
space observer by mirednesy
MLP EG Season 3 - Rarity by WaveBreeze234
Twilight Sparkle
A Rising Hope by Axel-Doi
111 by Foxpit-Arts
Twilight Sparkle portrait by Com3tFire
Rarity looking for inspiration by NevilleRob
F2U Rarity Pixel Icon by 8-BitBrony
Rarity by Rosanacabellomaria
Bowty by Chipce
Rainbow Dash
Headcanon: Rainbow Dash by AkumaJDragon
Rainbow Dash by ElliasXmoon
  1 by Foxpit-Arts
Tea Dashy by MADgehog
My Little Pony: Applejack by isabelle197
Pretty Bridesmaid Applejack by LaszlVFX
Apfel Pferd by TalonofWater
An Apple a Day by ShutterflyEQD
Pinkie Pie
pomk by bunnichv
Headcanon: Pinkie Pie by AkumaJDragon
F2U Pinkie Pie Pixel Avatar by 8-BitBrony
I like when you smile by LaszlVFX
Fluttershy by Shkura2011
Fs by Ch-Chau
fluttershy by papaudopoulos69
Fluttershy in a pumpkin bucket - Vector -Lineless by AllTimeMine
Original Ponies 4
Rainburst: Rainbow Dash x Pinkie Pie by AkumaJDragon
Zanari Feather: Fluttershy x Twilight by AkumaJDragon
Cosmic Dusk: Twilight x Rainbow Dash by AkumaJDragon
Cosmo: Rarity x Twilight by AkumaJDragon
2 or More Characters 2
[C] Father and son by AkumaJDragon
[G] You are the bestest gift for me by AkumaJDragon
[G] So fluffy... by AkumaJDragon
The Future Mane Seven (Council of Friendship) by AndoAnimalia
Traditional Art
Appleboom by Baron-Engel
Equestrian Royalty
Princess Celestia #3 by inaactive
Background Ponies
Sassy Saddles by LuxiTheSnake
Cutie Mark Crusaders
All Aboard! (Redraw) by Rocket-LawnChair
Sunset Shimmer
Stuck Rabadash Shimmer by HorsesPlease
Starlight Glimmer
Royal Guard Starlight by inaactive
Queen Chrysalis
Hug a Chrysalis ! by AHEKAO
Discord by Crazyaniknowit
Equestria Girls
Meeting Moon Dancer... by charlieXe
Anthro or Human
Boarding Party by Baron-Engel
Pixels or Wallpapers
Electro Beat Avatar by 8-BitBrony
Let's Take A Ride (Animation) by 8-BitBrony
Autumn Blaze Plush by FleeceFriendship
Crafts and Sculptures
Princess Luna (wall-mounted nightlight) by VasGoTec
Comics and Ask me
The Lunar Eclipse Act III Part 8 (4 of 4) by Axel-Doi
Other 2
Icon Commissions [OPEN 3/3] by AkumaJDragon
Movie Characters

Mature Content

Jeans Mishap by PBdrewthat
Shipping Grid: Main Six [OPEN] by AkumaJDragon
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[Comm] Strike! by KlaraPL
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EVERFREE my friend 22en by jeremy3
2 or More Characters FULL
[C] Warmth by AkumaJDragon
Original Ponies 1 FULL
[request] Oc Kirin by DarkPrinceismyname
Original Ponies 3 - FULL
Sleeping sweety~ by SouppyMan
Original Ponies 2 - FULL
Rainbow Power: Console Command by Adv-Magearna-Giada
Other FULL
Doi and Scratch: Revisited by Axel-Doi
Contest 1 CMC Grown Up
Housewife Halloween Biscuits by PBdrewthat
Equestria Girls - Princess of the Sea by EmeraldBlast63
MLP - Wave Breeze by WaveBreeze234

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This group is rather versatile but there ARE rules which are expected to be followed!

~ 1. No art on lined paper, stolen art, traced art, etc.

~ 2. Submit to the correct folders, please! Take time to look over each folder before choosing which to place your work in.

~ 3. Be nice!! This group's focus is on a show that emphasizes the importance of friendship.

~ 4. NO MATURE CONTENT!!!! Don't submit anything nsfw.

If you have any questions, concerns, etc. feel free to contact the founder or co-founders.

Thank you !!

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This group was made for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan art and fans!

Have a good time!
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