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Al'darauby - Mage School

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why does this slightly remind me of the Guild presence ship from Last Exile? Nice work.
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hmm I have never heard of this Lats Exile.

I had the inspiration form Age of Mythology.

And thx :)
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That is really awesome! <3
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Cooooooollll... :drool:

Are you going to create a schematic file for this? Is there one available?
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Sry but ther is and ther will be not schematic files for any of our build. We are planig to make a server her and it would be not nice to see out building or something similur on other server befor our is finished :D
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I'm sorry, I can't think of anything to say about this, because I'm literally speachless.

But things do deserve to be said, I'll say that.
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:D Thigs can be said, but some times it's realy enought to see the faces of people :D
(in this case it's a bit hard to do that xD)
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Amazing job on the lighting! This looks really cool!
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Sweet stuff, really shows exactly what you can do with Minecraft and a little imagination!
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well in that case, ill comment- this is fauking awsome!!! this reminds me of that one temple in the Avatar series! i luv how u made the upside-down piramids look leik they're shooting fiya, hence y they're floating! Great job!!! :D
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