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Akuma Zombie Leather Mask

Leather Akuma Zombie Mask

This Original Mask is hand crafted and molded from sturdy 8/9 oz Veg Tan Leather and Real Coyote Teeth. The Black Leather behind the teeth is softer 5oz Oiled Leather to provide comfort as well as holes punched to allow easier breathing. Also the layer of Skin can be removed to have a skull mask as well. The strap is riveted into place with high quality 5 oz Leather and Buckle.

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Jul 22, 2011, 11:18:21 PM
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Can I borrow the cosplay, it's so cool and beautiful

where or who I need to talk to , so I may purchase one of these mask?
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Thanks for your interest in my wares, that would be me, send me a message and we can discuss commissioning one of these. ^_^
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Love this mask, would make an awesome wallhanger or as a display piece!
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XD Thanks! It did make a nice wall decoration when i had it. ^^
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Thank you, I have this one hanging on my wall, its a great conversation piece lol.
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Always awesome work, the removable skin is such a great touch :thumbsup:
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XD Thank you. ^^
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OOhh that's mega cool! The detachable skin is definitely an inventive touch! I bet this one is gonna sell like hot-cakes during Halloween :)
Epic-Leather's avatar
Thanks! I hope so, I enjoy makeing them but they do take a while to craft with all the teeth and such =P
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wow that is really scary, man! great craftsman ship too!
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Thank you very much. ^_^
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akuma in Japanese if im correct means devil. this really turned out top notch. i was thinking it would turn out ok... but the coyote teeth and the "skin" added an awesome level to it that turned out fantastic. thank you for sharing your work and giving a little bit of inspiration to just go for it.
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Yes you are correct; Akuma translated from Japanese is devil or demon/evil spirit, ect. ect. Thank you very much for your kind words and I’m glad to see it so well received. ^^
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Man! This turned out great. The skin layer is a total surprise and a total win! Truly innovative work!
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Thank you very much friend, yeah that skin took three tries before I got it how I wanted (it pained me to see all that leather wasted lol), since it’s made from a thinner leather I ended up at first boiling the leather to little, then way too much, and then another shrank too much, but tis an acceptable sacrifice for progress... and science. =P
Red-Dragon-Lord's avatar
Oh the price we pay for knowledge. LOL. Well, if its any consolation-it was well worth it. The effect is amazing!
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lol I know right? But its always worth it in the end...well almost always, ok sometimes... when your lucky =P Thank you very much for your kind words. ^_^
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pretty awsome... now i'm not sure if this was your intention or simply coincidence, but in Japanese, Akumu means "nightmare" (i dont know about akuma, could it be the plural? haha)
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Thank you very much! Yeah as jugglingj had mentioned, Akuma is a demon, and being such an anime nerd it would be a disservice to not include some Japanese in my work lol. But the two are very similar indeed. ^_^
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Excellent work! I hope you're not tired of me gushing over your masks because I'm about to do it again. You are truly inspiring as an artisan, your work is so creative and innovative it really jumpstarts ideas for creative mask design! They way you incorporate new elements is seamless and you make the mechanics of a (most likely) difficult process seem natural and intuitive. For this piece in particular I'm bug-eyed over the skin, and can't believe you went that extra step in making it removable. Hats off to you sir!
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