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Heya all just a heads up new pages are in bound a new delay and a new regular page! Sorry again for delays!
Hey every one good news! The next page of my comic will be posted this week on Sunday by me!
Hello everyone!, I apologize for the delay in my comic. In addition to time problems with my new schedule I recently injured my drawing arm. As such I have had to rely on others to help produce pages. I have been really appreciative of their hard work and help. The good news is the next page is nearly ready so keep an eye out for it hopefully by the end of the week. 
As for my injury I am in the care of a medical professional and it is getting better, but I have yet to recover enough that I can draw. 

Thank you for all your support, patience, and understanding
Hello everyone! I am super sorry for the delays. To be honest I've been in a rough spot for the past month or so. Not only have I had emotional issues, but I had my car totaled in an accident three days ago, and I recently started a new job and my masters degree. All of this combined with my comic has overloaded me. As such I am unable to really draw my comic right now. At least the main story. As such my plan is to draw doodles and little side stories as time permits till I recover. 

Fret not as there will be updates to the main comic by my friend :iconsebastianssire: and average highschool girl from my fiancé :iconrustygearz: I really regret being unable to do more, but It was causing great turmoil.

Look forward to more of the above and little bits and pieces from me. Plus I may return with even better art!
Heya all. Sorry for being late this week. I have a guest artist doing the page, and they are working super hard. Also welk have another bule haired highschool girl comic this week as well! Thank you all for your patience.
Dear everyone,
    I hate to do this but I have some serious health issues, they have affected me so much that I had to leave my current employment. If only temporarily. as such I can not produce my art in any sort of quick fashion. Most days I don't even want to leave bed due to this.

    So, while I recover I will be producing my work slower than expected. it may be a few weeks between my posts. My lovely fiancé will continue to draw my intermissions for me when I don't post. that said I will post when I can. if anyone wants to make an intermission for me between posts I would appreciate it so much.

    Once again sorry for this and the slow go updates, but know I intend to continue my story, but for now taking care of my health must be done, or there is a chance I may not get to finish at all. I hope you all can understand and forgive me. 

And to those of you that want to help me please send a note. I'll try to keep up on them.

To requests and commissions I'm still trying as well I work as health permits.
Dear fans, I appologize to you today as I was unable to finish todays comic this week. I had some issues in RL that prevented me from doing anywork. Sorry. Still I will try to post twice next week
Hey all. Not to be a downer but my next comic will be posted tomorrow. Its sadly not yet finished and will take a bit longer. Sorry for the delays
Hey everyone!

    Good news I have returned to making the comic proper! Next page hits tomorrow! Look forward to it. That said I have some ideas on things I could do if the interest is there. I'll be making a poll to see about these options so look forward to that too! Additionally I plan to finish chapter 1 completely before my next break from the comic so there will be plenty of pages headed your way!

By the way there is actually a group for the comic its called DND Esteria! its a DA group but it is the place for fan art, OCs,and regular updates on the comic! I'd link to it but I don't know how! I'll see if I can add that!
My toilet broke I spent 18 hours fixing it and work in 6 hours. Ill post today around noon. Sorry for the delay
howdy all! Little up date really quickly. New years has dumped a lot of things on me rather suddenly. Because of this I am severely behind in my comic's story and script. It's gonna take me time to get passed this. As such the comic's regular updates will be delayed by a month. 

However! I hate not updating so I'm going to be making Pin Ups of characters with profile information for the comic, and I'll make a proper title page. These drawings will be easier on me for this period and it'll let me sort out my issues and catch up on writing my script for the comic. That in turn will make is easier for me to update in a timely manner.

I will keep posting goodies so do keep watching and I am highly sorry for the delay.

Thank you for your understanding,
Hello everyone! I just wanted to write a thank you note to the individual that graced me with a core membership! That was super nice of you! Now, the gift was anonymous but I am still very grateful for it! So much that I feel I have to offer a thank you for it! 

Now you aren't required to come forth, but if you want to I'd love to draw a character for you. a full body shot if you will. Feel free to send me a Pm and I'll do my best to get that done for you!
Heya here to update everyone. Still no internet yet. Hopefully late sunday evening Ill get a page posted. I havebt been able to work on a second page much yet but keep your fingers crossed!
Hey everyone I have no wifi at home. As such until I can get internet I can not post. All I can do is access deviant art via phone app. Ill do my best to try and post all pages once I have internet back.
Hey all sorry to announce there will be no comic this week. I have too much on my plate with work and home
to accomplish a page this week. In lieu of the page though I will post some of a story that I have written. Hope it tides you over.
Hey all. Sorry to do this but the page is going to be posted tomorrow. Sorry.
Hey all sorry to update you so late in the game but I've run into trouble with my machine. I have a replacement coming in next week, but I can't finish my comic for this week. Good news though is that I'm going to be posting some concept drawings and you'll get three of them!
Hello everybody! So, got some bad news. Sadly I lost the guide for my next six pages. This means I need to take a small break to rework them. I will try my best to get them done quickly and will only be absent for one week. 

Now a silver lining to this cloud is it gives me a chance to show off some new characters. I am going to switch to another character for a few pages in a bit and it'll be a great ride!. Additionally, I have been working on the concept work for this new character so, Since I have these done, and won't be posting two weeks from now I will post those instead, which does mean additional posts from me.
Hey everybody! I recently decided to join Patreon! I figured if I can make enough money from this I could potentially go part time on my job and thus create a lot more comics!

check it out here:
Hi everybody, sorry to have to do this to yall but, This weeks page will be late, specifically by a full week. Terribly sorry to make everybody wait but it can't be helped the page simply needs more time to be finished. I hope everybody understands.