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Trig a Refference by epic-agent-63 Trig a Refference by epic-agent-63
Name: Trig Greflag
Age: 17
Info: Trig is a self described wild man. He strives to be the strongest and most manly man in any given situation. This drive to be manly is what lead him to see Richter as his rival. Trig has since done everything he can to one up Richter. He hides the fact that he is highly insecure by boasting and overdoing it by constantly showing off. 
His issues and bad behavior stem from his poor self image. Trig comes from a small island nation that was once at war with the mainland. They developed super soldiers to help them in their war effort. Despite this they were ultimately defeated in the war. They had in their desperation to win the war utilized all newborn babies to create super soldiers. The process always resulted in a male child with super human abilities. Unable to reproduce the nation was forced to surrender.
There were two types of soldiers X and Y types. Y types had the ability to become behemoth hulking men with skin of iron and strength that could not be matched. X types tended to be far leaner though still superhumanly strong, but their true power was in their extreme speed and ability to redirect kinetic energy.
X and Y types are named such due to a rumor that their second chromosome is either an X or Y. Thus it is theorized that X types were likely to be born female. However this has yet to be proven, and remains only a rumor due to the fact that the process to create these super soldiers heavily altered genetic structure. All super soldiers chromosomes read as XY
SebastiansSire Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL love him but he has a very secret thing about him. 
epic-agent-63 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Little bit
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