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Lilia a reference by epic-agent-63 Lilia a reference by epic-agent-63
Name: Lilia Gildcrest

Age: Never ask a lady over 25!

Occupation: Headmistress of West Academy for all adventurers /Adventurer

Lilia is a dark elf and her people have been at war with 'Light' elves for centuries. Lilia is an unfortunate casualty of said war being orphaned at a young age. Lilia's parents were slain shortly after she was born. Her parents killer, however could not slay an infant and thus left her to die. Lilia was eventually cared for by locals of the area she was left in. As she grew Lilia proved to have a talent for blue magic. Not only did she posses and unusually high amount of magical capacity but she was able to activate the azure eye granting her the ability to learn magic by simply seeing it.
Lilia gained fame when she took down a Lich at age 14, she was able to copy his death spell and added several other magics to it. Needless to say the lich was practically disintegrated phylactery and all. It was after this Lilia met her future husband Gregory Gildcrest. He was an outcast similar to her early on. The pair would make a formidable team despite people often mistrusting them.
The two spent years together, but Gregory passed before Lilia due to old age. It was at this point Lilia decided to spend the fortunes she and her husband had obtained in their travels to open a new academy for outcasts such as themselves. Naturally she welcomed all who wanted to learn and over two decades the school had gained as much notoriety as the other four such schools.
Lilia sees her students as her own children (she being unable to bear her own) and will do anything for them. Also she occasionally still travels on adventures, both solo and with former students. When she leaves on these trips she leaves the schools guidance councilor in charge of things till she returns.
Dannystar64 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2018
wow, lilia looking at her best.
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Thanks Im pretty proud of this myself
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