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My torments renewed
a sigh designated, to my ancient feud

I don't believe anyone, anything...
She that hath made me as a king...

How carelessly daunting
How decidedly Flaunting

My joints freeze up
My brain twisted full backwards

The words choke in my breath,
gaping, horrible, rambling, spewing forth those wicked convictions

The blood curdling scream is my sole comfort.
and it happens to come suspicously short.

Plain as text, Her and her cohort.

This fete of her betrayal.
I sit in my room, more and more frail.

In my pile of clothes, weaping at woes.
"How could she do this"  I routinely remarked.
I thought back to my car, messily parked.

She still loved me then,
writing me neat notes with her pen.

Playing her farce...


What had I done?
(What a sickly disturbing pun....)
To deserve such a shun?

Yet I am arrogance... I am sin
(They are closely akin)

There's a big whole
Black as unlit coal

Desisting in my poetics,
Putting away all her affects

The ring, it's dull depressing sheen.

I don't even know why I'm doing this
But I remember that last kiss
Am I such a horrible Guy?
Was I too shy,
Too prudent,
Too faithful,

too boring?

This last seems to make the most sense
In which case I shouldn't give a damned pence.


I feel so sick about everything...

I can't reason why you left me.

maybe she, well,... no....

Or maybe... no that doesn't make any sense.

It's all... nothing.

That's the nearest I can figure.
I shouldn't care at all for her.

So capitulates our anniversary of lies and betrayal to the day.

and the poetics cease....
Another harrowing crease
Written a year ago in an email addressed to her.
jenx0823 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2004
Very well put JL/ I say let it out .. raaaaaaaaaawl! good work!from the heart no matter how shattered it feels it still keeps beating.
acceber Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2004   Writer
you communicated
inmyroom Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2004
:hug: its hauntingly beautiful.
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November 24, 2004
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