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Celeste Gamble
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The Giant's Table Arena - Additional Credits


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Asgard's Wrath: The Valley of the Giants - 1


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Asgard's Wrath: The Bone Pit (Jotunheim) - 1

Asgard's Wrath

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Master Pilot Earhart, Skybax, Dimorphodon 1

Zbrush Sculpts

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Marvel Powers United VR - Wakanda Lab Facade A

Marvel Powers United VR: Unreal 4

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Kaptar - Ancient Architecture Modular Toolkit

Obduction: Unreal 4

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The Mechanical Eve

Paradise: Unity 3.5

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Celeste Gamble - Art VS Artist - ID - 2019 - 3D

Game Art and Design

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Celeste Gamble - Art VS Artist - ID

Details, Studies, and Development

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Art Deco Pendant - 3D Print

3D Prints and Jewelry

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Save The Unicorns

T-shirt and Fabric Designs

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The Ocean

Sweet syrup of dreams, absinthe of the moon, fragrant with fables forgotten, spiced with ages past, heaving and sighing beneath the clockwork of constellations, its rhythms a strange medicine, or poison for the soul… Take me away to the mermaids, to their palace in the coral, to the throne overgrown with anemone. Let me listen to the lorelei, to the whales, as they dance the dance of stars and black holes, in deep dark depths as empty as the foam that whispers at my ankles. As I walk this shore, I am a castaway that has found land, and a desert vagabond that has found water. I am a pirate that has found the thin edge

Poetry and Prose

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The Puppet Theatre (Sketchfab)


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