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Perfect Enemies
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Published: November 9, 2009
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"Can I blame you for hating me? For wanting to kill me? No. My veins run with the blood of the man who destroyed your life. It's only natural that you would want to spill it and let it rot. But I'm not my father, and you're not the only one with someone to protect.

This is your last warning. You can abhor me, you can try to kill me, but I am the only one who loves Eden, and if you try to take that away from him, I will kill you."

-Selene Noir

Special thanks to Jamie for helping me with this!

This is dedicated to Brandon. :D

Gabriel Engellus (the person on your left) and Selene Noir (the person with huge tits) at each other's throats again.

Hey, guys, remember "Nageki" in the old story? So polite and shy and not violent?

Well I killed him. Get over it.

DISCLAIMER: I did not make the awesome brush in the background. When I find the creator of the brushes, I will post them here. If you know them, are them, please tell me so I can give them credit.

The song I think of when I see this is Somnus Nemoris, Sleeping Forest. [link]

Any Latin buffs, please correct the translation; I already had to correct the title. =_=;; ("Dream of wood"? Wut.)

Tellus dormit
et liberi in diem faciunt
numquam extinguunt
ne expergisci possint.

Omnia dividit
tragoedia coram
amandum quae.

Et nocte perpetua
ehem vel vera visione
par oram videbo te
mane tempu expergiscendi.

The earth sleeps
and children sacrifice themselves day by day
until they extinguish,
and they will never awake.

This tragedy destroys,
in front of them,
every beloved thing.

And in this never-ending night,
Look there, the real vision
on the edge; I will see you
and the next morning the time will awake.

Line art for the two homicidal maniacs:[link]
Their demons: [link]
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I'm gone an entire semester from dA/basic internet in general and this happens?

Such a change, jeez. xD
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EphemeralWinterHobbyist Digital Artist
:iconteheplz: I have a penchant for chilling my characters with fire.
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pokiedoesdiscoHobbyist General Artist



I love your men, Sin. They're all so bishielicious!
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EphemeralWinterHobbyist Digital Artist

[dun worry i already know there's something wrong with me lololol]
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1) Why is this dedicated to MOI? :O

2)This is interesting, I'll have to re-read it and properly analyze it when I'm not watching Hugh Laurie be a total badass.
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EphemeralWinterHobbyist Digital Artist

2) :D Let me know what you think!
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Well... hoo...

Alright, first off, you got PLENTY of symbolism in there, and you did it quite well... Second, as usual, you're getting better at drawing all the time... Third... The characters' conflict, their desire to protect, heavily juxtaposes the fact that they're trying to kill each other. To protect means defense, yet they are both on the offense? I can't help but wonder if they're motivated for selfish reasons as well...
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EphemeralWinterHobbyist Digital Artist


I'm kidding about the old man part.


This story deals heavily with human selfishness and the argument that altruism is an ideal. What the heroine, Tsukiko, discovers within the first two chapters is that her country wallows in ruins not because of her father's sadism, but because of human selfishness. The people use him as a scapegoat for the problems they have, but Haku doesn't control anything. People are horrible by themselves and Haku doesn't need to do anything.

:iconicameplz: I love this concept.
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Well, it's a bit to tackle, but bear in mind you do need to point out the idea of Altruism is a practiced concept by some people. Not all are in it for themselves all the time, you know that :shrug:
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EphemeralWinterHobbyist Digital Artist
I do include that in the story. :D In a cynical world, it's hard to believe that such a thing exists. But of course, that's something I can't dissect without understanding that some people want to be, but aren't allowed to be giving because of the idiocy of other people. Mmhmmmmm.
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However, you do have to acknowledge that some people want to be giving and ARE giving. Two sides to every coin, m'dear.
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EphemeralWinterHobbyist Digital Artist

Real life, that's very true. My fellow church members [wut] being testimony to that.
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