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I swear I wasn't planning on making this journal entries to happen annually but.. it happened. orz

Anyway, uh, I'm not sure, but I decided to try to take on dA again (instead of, y'know, making an entirely new account). We'll see how it works, yea? Tons of things happened over the span of few months and I'd like to think my art has grown a lot too. Will also be uploading old doodles from tumblr, but yeah, we'll see.

If you're still following me then.. well. uh. Thanks?
My last journal entry was back on April 20th. Last year. I know, uhmazing.

But anyway let's see if I can get this thing running again, shall we? Tucked all my old deviations away and tidied some stuffs. It'll be a while before I got used to everything again, but yeah at least this is a start.

hello again!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 20, 2013, 8:51 AM
Digital Artist / Hobbyist

Whoah I can honestly say I almost forgot I own this account. ;_; I've been over tumblr because honestly, it's easier to post stuffs over there, y'know, the whole just tag no need to submit to groups thing. Sorries guys!

Bulk updates coming right up, btw Done. And man I don't think I'd submit anything to groups jskjfaklsf so lazy. I can't promise I'd be more active, but yes I'll log in every now and then. D: How are you guys doing? ---if there's still any ;A;

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tag, you're it!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 17, 2013, 10:50 AM
Digital Artist / Hobbyist

Silver1bow's been kind enough to let me borrow this and since this journal's lacking some sort of life, here goes;

1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 6 things about themselves in their journal.
3. You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
4. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
5. No tag backs.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 11 people.

So 6 things about myself;
  • Most of my game knowledge came from reading articles and or watching setsunaseth play (and try along if I can), such as DMC or SoTC. This is because I'm such a slow player; once I tried something, I'd spend my sweet, sweet time exploring and leveling and shits it'd took me months to finish a single game and I really can't do that anymore with all these activities I'm juggling. D:
  • I just started RP-ing on Tumblr as Tidus and I have to say... I wonder why didn't I figure it out sooner. orz So far three people who I respected a lot had said my Tidus' just like canon Tidus so I'm actually in a happy mood, add in how I found just the perfect Yuna and we've been cracking TuNa cans like no other day! XD Although tbh I'd much, much prefer RP-ing David or Rush, but with no partner to OTP with, it's just meh.
  • Writing, eh, I finally wrote my first dark fic, and of course it's.. Da/Sh. Sputtered up at 3AM or something and up until now I still think it needs more rotten details. orz.
  • setsunaseth's such a wonderful person; he's the one who introduced me to some of my beloved OTPs (HA!), including Da/Sh and recently he got me into Sengoku Basara and my days now consist of banging my head to the nearest wall because both the anime and DateSana have such a mindfucking effect, YOU SEE???
  • It's been weeks since I last touch my piano. I don't think I can still play Cloud Smiles or bothering Aerith's Theme. ;A; But I think I still got The Marshall and All For Her just fine because they're actually easy stuffs thank god, Sekito-sama.

Lesse so tagging these nice people;
:iconantonutella: :iconariall: :iconlactose-devil: :icongrimmjowsulquiorra: :iconllina-arcfire: :iconmochi-chan-x:
aaand :iconsetsunaseth:. Can't remember anyone else orz so you're welcome to tag yourself /shot

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mia // tumblr // etc.

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 29, 2013, 9:40 AM
Digital Artist / Hobbyist

How are you guys doing? Good I'm hoping? (:

I'm not around dA as much as I did last year, and I'm sorry for you guys who watched me -- for my lack of activity that is. Nowadays I mostly post sketches and doodles in my artblog because not only that it's easier, they're mostly, well, doodles, sketches, barely finished stuffs --not the things I'd love to show off in my dA gallery.

But yeah, just thought I should finally notice you guys. And oh if you have a tumblr and would like us to be follow!buddies or whatever, drop your username, yeah? (:

Other than that, I guess the next thing I post would be my DissidiaAces piece, though it's still a long long long way to go. orz.

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Journal Entry: Wed Dec 26, 2012, 12:27 PM
Digital Artist / Hobbyist

A belated Merry Christmas and an advance Happy New Year! :D
I hope you guys are having lotsa fun for me! \:'3/

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Heyyah I'm still alive!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 1, 2012, 12:17 PM
Digital Artist / Hobbyist

The weather's quite extreme lately here in Indonesia.. or to be exact Tangerang. You can have a heavy rain complete with thunders and suddenly one blazing hot afternoon in the next hour. And I've been spending the last two weeks coughing the life out of me (not exaggerating, seriously ugh) thanks to this cold, which also equals spending less time with laptop > tablet > internet for that matter. I feel bad for ignoring some of my online responsibilities (especially to a certain blog on tumblr) and I hope I'll be able to spare a time to, well, do everything before I start to get busier again with Photography class' projects.

The good thing? Aside from always getting enough rest, I'm also spending more time with my sketchbook, which means I'll be posting more traditional sketches from now on. Though I think I'd post more on Art Tumblr since they fall into doodles category but also -- I've revamped my OC designs! Haha, finally-ish. X) Still trying to find color palettes for their costumes and also wondering how I'm going to post them, but I'm pretty satisfied with how they look now.

That and I've been wanting (again, wanting) to learn how to use copic markers. Had them because of a certain assignment requiring it back in the first year of college and now I'm trying to figure how to use it again. Ahh I hope I won't screw up much. ;A;

Hnggg t's getting late again and mom's screaming for me to get to bed DD: Wherever you guys are, take care of yourself, yeah? ♥ I miss talking to you! \;w;/ and I'm sorry for being very very slow in replying!

He's coming back for him. Your argument is invalid.
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Rants / Art Block(?) / Birthday Note / ETC.

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 26, 2012, 11:33 AM
Digital Artist / Hobbyist

Comment Skin

I'm still alive! ..apparently.

To say school is keeping me busy is an understatement. It's practically sucking the life out of me I barely have time for myself these days - even though I still try to log in every now and then because I do have some responsibilities in here and tumblr, but hopefully, hopefully, with the coming midterm starting next Monday, I'll have more time to spend, that is, after I'm done with the take-home tests, which are tons, namely Gestalt logos and magazine ads, a packaging + complete GSM for a card game and oh.. there's one for digital painting, which is a piece in Art Nouveau style.

That aside, yah, I'm not doing that good with art in general. My sketches are.. meh to say the least and all my attempts to do realism style has ended up in Recycle Bin for a reason. A friend of mine critiqued my writing (as usual) but for some reason, adding that to the lack of response I've been getting I'm starting to want to just take everything down.. which I might do in the next few weeks. I don't know, I've been feeling down. I set quite a standard for my own works and lately nothing even get near to it. I hope I can overcome this, and by overcome, I mean not accepting but more like finally being able to make something that I can be satisfied with.

Lastly, 26th was my 21st birthday I'm old bah and haha for the first time it doesn't feel like one. The day's a public holiday here in Indonesia which means I get to spend a day just lying around with setsunaseth as if we have nothing to do and that's exactly what we did. I don't feel bitter or whatever because for once I didn't get a cake or tons of people wishing me a happy birthday, but for me this is enough. In fact, as a nice surprise, I get to have a group chat with my two internet best friends after months and man it feels so refreshing! All in all it's been a nice resting day after what feels like forever.

Okay it's 1:21AM, I'm off to reply notes and comments and maybe get around tumblring or something. See you around, guys! (: Wish me luck on my exams! Hehe ♥

He's coming back for him. Your argument is invalid.
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Uuuu this semester is draining the life out of me, and on top of that, my access to the internet have been limited again, thanks for wifi modem deciding to just.. malfunction. I'm sorry for not thanking for the :+fav:s and :+devwatch:s as usual, or maybe being late in responding to comments and or concerns, but you should know that I appreciate each and every single one of them ♥ and will get to reply to your comments no doubt.

So yeah.. that's all. I won't be around much unless to upload works - I committed myself to the 30 days meme anyway. ;O;

Take care, guise! :D/
So I've been MIA - school's been a killer and I barely have time to do things yet again get online. One month has passed and I've only began to get used to this, as in finally getting my lazy ass to do some proper time management. ._.;

Anyway, so I've successfully lost track of my digital drawing style again and this is bad because I've been trying to make something and ended up deleting the file altogether because I dislike how it came out. And this calls for, you guess it, force-drawing! An ~*amazing*~ plan had popped up in my mind mind and if I want to make it work, including the Game-Art-HQ project and, god knows if I pass - DissidiaAces, I'd have to get my ass to learn to draw once again. Which is why I finally remember about the 30 days OTP meme I was supposed to do last month and decide to do it this month for real okay, smack me head with something if I don't work on it OTL.

The downside? I guess I won't be writing much again. The last time I wrote something was last month.. or something and well, s'not like anyone's expecting anyway. I do wish I can pop up a small drabble or.. oneshot? Just to show that I'm still alive, but ugh brain's pretty much dead to English these days - the same reason why I stopped writing a chapter because I swear I keep repeating some words. ._.;

So yeah I guess that's all. Hi again and enjoy the new things my gallery will offer, ya? 8)

Now I'm off to apologize / reply messages / everything. /)w(\
NGL, I'm hella disappointed with today's Digital Painting class. I seriously think I spent my SKS for nothing - should've taken this last year. Not only we'd need to follow a certain style - excuse you not everyone can pull off American - today's class' about.. doing vector.. in Photoshop. With tablets. Something that's better to be done in Illustrator with a mouse.

What. The. Hell.

Do correct me if I'm wrong but I personally think vector art =/= digital painting (or, yeah what you said; ~brushing~). If I want to learn about vector, I'd take Computer Graphic, which I already did two years back. If Traditional Painting class is all about ~brushing~ traditionally then shouldn't Digital Painting be all about ~brushing~ digitally? Like, oh, I don't know, last year?

Also, we won't be allowed to use the brush tool until, what, another month or something. Whee! :/

No, not hating on the teacher (kay a bit, maybe) but actually the curriculum. Thanks for screwing again, you guys. And this is only the first day of the semester. Ah, and just last night I expected to blog something like ~whee we're assigned to paint this thing! / so glad I took this class!~ :/
Thankfully some of my data's still recoverable! :'DDD While the lost of my programs and.. oh my TLR's save files skgjkdjsg is quite a stab, I really shouldn't ask for more because all my work is still here; my 90-pages writing, my designs and especially these .PSDs. ;w; So yeah, will upload something tomorrow once I'm done installing all these stuffs. September's already kicking in and I'm already behind my drawing schedule ugh. ;_; (did I mention school starts next week? OMG!)

Sooo I'll see you around! _o/

So my Photoshop broke down yesterday and it brought my whole HD down with it. And while it doesn't seem to be a big deal, it is to me because I had to bring my laptop to a service center and leave it there. And by HD, I mean the entire data and all the programs with it. Yes the technician said that there's still some hope in recovering the data, but he doesn't seem too sure and now neither do I. I don't mind the data loss, really. I no longer care with all the designs and logos and stuffs.. hell I don't really care about the works because I know I've uploaded them to dA already, but there's this one thing.

One. Damn. .PSD that I've just finished yesterday. I was so proud of it, I really love it - I fell in love as I spend hours working on it and then it was finished and I know that's my most favorite work right there. But now there's a a big chance that I won't be able to see it again. I.. I don't know. The technician said he'd call to tell if he'd be able to restore the data, but it's already late now and update's still nada.

Chances that the data's lost.. I don't know. I love drawing, but this.. this hurts. Imagining I won't be able to see it anymore hurts. I know I'm acting like a brat here, making a big deal out of an A4 digital painting that hey, you can draw it again!, but it still hurts. I don't think I'd draw more anytime soon if I did end up losing it.

I will call the technician first thing tomorrow and I hope.. yah I really hope he can do something about it. If not, then we might won't be seeing each other for a while.
How are you guys doing over there? XD

So, since setsunaseth won't be here til another week (le yays! / le sigh.. ;;), it means that I can't work on my DissidiaAces nor this other thing I'm planning to do, I decide to.. use the loads of free time to work on other things I've neglected! XD Summer day offs are almost over and god knows I'll be slaving myself in the next semester so might as well put all the time left to use.

--The. Classes. OH. GOD. I guess this is the time to pay for thoese times when I was slacking off? D: But whoah two Digital Publishing classes and.. you guessed it, Digital Painting! Last year they had people doing dinosaurs on the midterms kmgfskmkmfks hopefully this year's assignment won't be too hard. That and.. I would still be able to submit stuffs in the coming months. :/--

Anyway, so uh, decided to jump to the bandwagon that is the commission stuff. If you think my stuffs worth it then go order and make me happy? \XD/ If not then I'm considering this 30 days shipping meme thingamajig, which I cough kindly stole from LycanMuse (my brain bleeds happily just by the thought of drawing Dave and Rush in some of these themes asghjsadlkhgla cuddling.. wearing each other's clothes.. someone hold me);
- Holding hands
- Cuddling somewhere
- Gaming/watching a movie
- On a date
- Kissing
- Wearing each others' clothes
- Cosplaying
- Shopping
- Hanging out with friends
- With animal ears
- Wearing kigurumis
- Making out
- Eating icecream
- Genderswapped
- In a different clothing style (Visual Kei, gyaru, lolita, etc.)
- During their morning ritual(s)
- Spooning
- Doing something together (this can be anything from watching tv to having sex.)
- In formal wear
- Dancing
- Cooking/baking
- In battle, side-by-side
- Arguing
- Making up afterwards
- Gazing into eachothers' eyes
- Getting married
- On one of their birthdays
- Doing something ridiculous
- Doing something sweet
- Doing something hot (be sure to tag if you make it extremely NSFW!)
COUGH. If I manage, I'd do a Clerith, I think. Haha.. yeah.

/rolls back to her small corner
I'm a perfectionist. I tend stare at my drawings for minutes after I deemed it finished and somehow find something to fix and correct it. And I don't find any problem with it, after all, I do want to post only my best work in here (I have art tumblr for sketches/wips/whatsoever). And I love doing fanarts! They're something I can definitely do better than writing fics, especially concerning my lovely OTPs. But for some reason, it's not going that well with my The Last Remnant fanarts.

I love this game like crazy; I love the gameplay, I love the characters, I love how the story goes and I adore how canon teased me to no end with David and Rush by throwing hints everywhere until I just can't get them off my head. I just.. gah! And these feelings somehow made me feel like my fanarts are never good enough; my Davids didn't look like David, or I shouldn't even think of making this thing in the first place, and it's.. frustrating. Because I really want to make something good for it. And by good, I mean realistic-style good like how I did Tidus. I know it's only a fanart, so it should be fine if the characters didn't look like how they do as long as you can tell who's who but akldshalksdhkjgla can't. That's why all I've done are either chibis or anime-styled doodles and god knows how many unfinished things I've in my laptop. Hngggggg OTL OTL OTL!!

..okay. /takes a deep breath. I guess I should just stop whining and try to learn to get better in controlling this and post some complete pieces. But ugh, why Karin? Why? Stop doing this to yourself!
my drawing /coloring style keeps changing. can't seem to choose which one to keep, but bf thinks it's best to just stick with my original semi-realistic style. but guhaaa it takes far more effort than animu style. \D:/ i think i'll stick with both for now; feel comfortable doing them anyway. and;

ah i guess i owe this journal an update since last time i did was weeks ago. D:

well finals almost over, but being an art student with most of the tests asking you to only come to class to submit the things you've finished home, the hell had long passed because i've finished the projects during the week before, and since the hardest one, aka the one where we'd be putting our things in an open exhibition had just passed today, i can practically scream i'm free..!!! ..even though there's still one more thing to finish, namely a folklore storybook project that i decided to redo all over again. ,_,

i've got tons of sketches (and fics, dear lord, fics! ;A;) done, only wandering when i'd be able to find some time to put them into laptop. i pretty much gave up quite a sum from my savings for this new tablet i just bought along with those surprisingly pricey printing cost for finals' projects (fml, why do i want to be a graphic designer again?) so i'm starting to think if i should just start offering commissions and save up again? ah but i'm not so sure now, i should try to build my gallery first. ;A; would any of you even willing to commission me orz.

whew i think that's all for now. need to update on some other places as well for being missing all over the sudden. hnggg.

how's your life btw? (:
hello hello!
ah i'm new here, what to do what to do? ;w;
how are you doing? ♪