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Wrath of the Queen by Ephah Wrath of the Queen :iconephah:Ephah 23 68
Little Red Tooth
The task should have been easy, right? Simply fly in, snag the tooth, leave the coin and fly out on their merry way. How it has always been in the land of Fables as far as anyone, even the fairies could recall. Nothing bad has ever happened to the Toothfairies. They were welcomed. Children eagerly placing their fallen tooth under the pillow to get a coin back. How these creatures knew there was a tooth under the pillow was a mystery all in its own.
Now what the Toothfairies actually did with the lost teeth, another mystery to everyone but that mattered not. Children and even adults didn’t care nor question the strange ritual. It was fun as they got a coin from it and often, rather valuable, collectable coins.
The small blue Toothfairy made her way to the cottage in the woods. Shimmering wings flapping so rapidly, it looked as if she was simply floating. Blue fairy dust sparkled behind her, like shimmering glitter. She flew to the window of the cottage. She knew this cottage well;
:iconephah:Ephah 1 7
C.FM_Chpt_1_Why_Are_You_Sleeping_001 by Ephah C.FM_Chpt_1_Why_Are_You_Sleeping_001 :iconephah:Ephah 10 28 FM_Short_Title_000 by Ephah FM_Short_Title_000 :iconephah:Ephah 8 26 FM_Title_Page_000 by Ephah FM_Title_Page_000 :iconephah:Ephah 6 13 Gaming_Con_Laser etched cup by Ephah Gaming_Con_Laser etched cup :iconephah:Ephah 10 11 Gaming_Con_Laser etched cup_Symbol by Ephah Gaming_Con_Laser etched cup_Symbol :iconephah:Ephah 10 17 Gaming_Con_Knight_Meh by Ephah Gaming_Con_Knight_Meh :iconephah:Ephah 11 22 Gaming_Con_Knight by Ephah Gaming_Con_Knight :iconephah:Ephah 8 4 Nest outside mah window by Ephah Nest outside mah window :iconephah:Ephah 11 32 Halcyon work doodle by Ephah Halcyon work doodle :iconephah:Ephah 15 15 When The Man Eating Pear Sings by Ephah When The Man Eating Pear Sings :iconephah:Ephah 5 23 Oover and Out by Ephah Oover and Out :iconephah:Ephah 21 63 Oover_V6.5 by Ephah Oover_V6.5 :iconephah:Ephah 36 92 Hello there by Ephah Hello there :iconephah:Ephah 10 27 Mark of the Lich Queen by Ephah Mark of the Lich Queen :iconephah:Ephah 12 31

My work. Not the greatest, you've seen better but then again, we are all at different levels.

Forsaken Memories

dA Mum

If you can see this, thank you for everything and I wish you luck!

Beyond the inner demon

Even the most hardened of warriors need someone to rely on.

Shout out to all my friends. Thanks for staying by me. It really means a lot.



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Hysterical by NarutoYinYangYoPucca Hysterical by NarutoYinYangYoPucca Hysterical by NarutoYinYangYoPucca

I need a new updated picture of my dragon avatar.
Maybe later.


Still here~ish II

Sat Mar 10, 2018, 4:09 AM
Sorry I haven't been as active. Graves have really been eating at my energy for the past few months along with some personal stress and issues that I'm trying to figure out what to do with.

My motivation is just . . . a struggle lately and I don't know why, well--- I do admit I've been playing a little more of my XBOXONE lately along with my 3DS [got back into pokemon, fucking hate Sun/Moon and Ultra Sun/Moon for various reasons] but even then, I get motivation for things but as soon as I actually get to the project, the motivation flies out the window.

I will say I have a short prompt I've been working on and off in the makings that I hope to post within this month to get that 'spark' back but not sure how long it will actually be since it's taken me 2 months already since I started.

As for the sprite comics, I'm not canceling them nor am I going to neglect them. As mentioned time again [and will continue to mention since people don't read older shit] THEY ARE NOT MY PRIORITY.

Actually what's holding them back is the: 'semi complex but hopefully if I pull it off will be a total "HOLY SHIT" mind-blowing backstory'. I'm going to work on/off on that when I feel up to it.

What I'm really pushing for is actually writing my stories and getting them out on 'paper' than dealing with the comics.

I think the reason I've been so distasteful with the comics is the fact I have to use Kirby sprites and many nitwits will want to draw the characters as the abominations the sprites portray them as.

I'm trying to disconnect from that damn fanbase but alas, due to the sprites, I sense I never fully will. That and I've notice dA has been a bit . . . dead lately but such is the price of things when the adult world comes.

Work first, play later if you have the time for it.

Half the time, I don't want to do anything after dealing with people all day.

Anyhow, hopefully expect a short story here soon and maybe . . . something with the comics. I'm keeping my promise on that for sure.

S'all I got for now.


Growing annoyance here.

While I personally do not care if someone uses Oover for something, I still want to SEE what the hell you're doing and what you plan to do and if you DO use her or any character I own for something [at the time, only Oover], and I now demand one of the following. No more asking nicely:


2: MENTION me via using the code :icon ephah: [no space so it looks like this: :iconephah:] or :dev ephah: [again no space so it looks like this Ephah]

Doing that no only alerts me to what you've done, so I can see it for starters and hopefully comment but also, so I know what the fuck is going on with my characters.

Is that too much to ask for a little acknowledgement and to know what the fuck is going on with them? They're my creation. Wouldn't you want to know what's going on with your work?


If I use someone's character, EVEN WITH PERMISSION PRIOR, I still MENTION them.

If you had to endure a natural disaster yearly, which would you pick? YOU CANNOT REPLY WITH NONE. PICK 1. Those that reply that reply the petty "none", I'm ignoring you. You missed the point of the question. 

9 deviants said Blizzards/Ice Storms [Snowed ins, white outs and everything freezes]
7 deviants said Dust Storms [Sand, sand, and oh! More sand]
6 deviants said Tornadoes/Wind Storms [Cars learn to fly]
6 deviants said Hurricane/Cyclone/Typhoon/Floods/Intense T-Storms [Neighborhood wide swimming pool]
2 deviants said Volcanoes/Wildfires [Everything burns]
No deviants said Earthquakes [Buildings rock to their foundation]
No deviants said Droughts/Heatwave [Year long water restrictions/shortages]
No deviants said Tsunamis [Hello ocean, goodbye home]


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Eclipse-Knight15 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2018  Student Digital Artist
hey ephah, have you heard of the new Spyro the dragon game that's coming out?
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Carfreak2020 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2018
A question:
Is Oover’s full lich state an intensified version of her normal one, or does it have other effects as well?
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Eclipse-Knight15 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2018  Student Digital Artist
another question: does Oover, by any chance, have a symbol?

if not I'll make my own for her. Sweating a little... 
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Eclipse-Knight15 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2018  Student Digital Artist
ok, i got 2 questions for you:

1)why do you like dragons so much?

2) why does your Abaddon FC wear a mask?
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Carfreak2020 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2018
Question: Does Oover get angry when people (In her world) pronounce her name wrong?
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