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Wannabe work in progress writer trying to get her series going... or least somewhere.

Otherwise... Not much to say here.

I can be found on the following: Xbox: Ephah00139 Discord: Ephah#1309 [most active on here] Steam: Ephah1309 [ded here for the time being due to no workable pc for gaming]

Effing hell...

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So been kinda dead on here for a long ass while... and a lot has changed. Anyhow gonna try to be more active again with random posts and things. With what? No idea... gonna play it by ear. As seen by the little preview pic on this journal I've decided to get back into sprites but it's not my primary focus nor is it really canon with any of my work that I've been trying to piece together... Stories are hard to figure out. Now why the comic if it's not canon? Boredom and I miss playing with sprites. Not to mention it's fun to do with friends. Speaking of friends, you can find the comic pages being posted on her channel, @Ascendant-Rising ! As for my stuff... you'll know when I know because right now, I think I'm going to be spending more time trying to relearn dA again...
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I've made something that I think you would like. I've made my own Evolution of American Godzilla, which you can find in my gallery. I'm not sure it's perfect, but I made it inspired and based on your work. Feel free to take a look at it and if you want, you can put it on your favourites.

This message is for Ephah.

Can you look at my drawing of the Sixth Overlord?
The Sixth Overlord by zacharyknox222  
hey Ephah, did you know that the new Spyro reignited trilogy gets released just 10 days before my birthday?
No? And nice. Wouldn't that be a fun b-day gift
I WILL get it for my birthday! XD
Thank you so much for the Llama! Please feel yourself invited to take a look at my gallery anytime! Consider checking out my commission info and watching me, so you can get a FREE ticket to my Art Raffle that will be coming this October, and join my Halloween Event for my Watchers here: fav.me/dcng5bn
Get a llama, give a llama back. I terrible at keeping up but I usually get around to it. Haha and shall do!