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Mess Perfect 2 - 164

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Best day of her life

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I once put zaeed in charge of diversion in here and he got killed :( i always chosed garrus after that. If you can survive a rocket to the face than you can definitely survive anything else. 
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fuck I wish I could have done that, but my Jack had to go and die, horrible at distractions

AngelOfLife0600's avatar
like shepard gives a damn xD
darkqueen3's avatar
Surprise piggyback ride! That's what would have made this scene all the better in the game: Shepard and his/her two companions riding into battle astride galloping biotics.
L1b3rty04D34th's avatar
I honestly cannot wait to see how you handle Citadel DLC.... Why must I suffer for the next page :worry:
xangreigor's avatar
It used to be 3 pages every Friday or Sunday.
The13Inquisitor's avatar
Does your Shepard have a death wish?
AmandaLee1988's avatar
more more more!
giodan's avatar
ahahahahah!!! great!!!!
RazorPhantom110's avatar
I love your works! Really!
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Uh, Shepard? This is not perhaps the best time...
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MrSpartinHobbyist Writer
Seems the logical thing to do. :D
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XhydraliskHobbyist Traditional Artist
Shut up, Miranda.
secretkisse's avatar
...I was expecting moar Jack groping involved with the lack of ability to defend....but that works too :heart:
wunderwolfer's avatar
Wonderfully crazy, I love it.
ShaakTi1138's avatar
New chater, at last! I also hope for Mess Perfect 3...
MurasakiMalkavian's avatar
I must say that I LOVE your Shepard's nose!

And I also love your humor. These have made me laugh out loud more than once. :D
BigBlueStar's avatar
I could have sworn Miranda kinda scowled at me at the Collector base when I picked Samara for the barrier, lol!
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RealdeadmeatHobbyist Artist
I just thought... what if a adept Shepard could be the one who holds up the barriers and then she lets everyone else do the work
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Just wanted to mention that I love your comic. It's utterly spot on in some pictures :) keep up the good and amusing work so the rest of us can have a good laugh! ^^
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AuthorOfSinsProfessional Writer
This is too awesome for words. :XD:
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She is riding her. Riding. Get it? Get it?! Oh...
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