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Mess Perfect 2 - 163

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I know *exactly* what that unclosed pod looks like, thank you.

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Crisis-ComicsHobbyist Traditional Artist
I sent Thane to escort the survivors. I thought "Well, if he dies, he'll die saving people instead of trying to kill them".

Then I took Mordin (Least likely to survive if left behind, I thought) and Tali (So if my love gets shot, I'll have an excuse to go ape sh*t on the Collectors) into the final area.
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I always did send Mordin to look after the survivors. Isn't that a doctor's job? Thought it's fitting...
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Mordin has point
So does shepard...
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Glide08Hobbyist General Artist
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WilliamgbirkinStudent General Artist
I don't get the 'I can't close it' joke. could someone explain it to me?
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Ashley's hair bun is in the way. 
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poor mordin was at the wrong place in the wrong moment xD
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Okay, this is the second time I've seen this page and only NOW I realized that it was Ashley's hair knob that was keeping the pod open... THIS IS GENIUS! I'm just stupid. XD
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I picked Mordin for the escort on the playthrough for the no one left behind achievement, but on my current insane playthrough I am trying to get as many killed as possible for fun so no loyalty missions and pick all the wrong people for tasks.

I might select someone like Grunt for the escort mission cos he is tough and the squad could use him in the last fight against the collectors. Hence, more squad members should die. I might even be able to get shepard killed (it's ok I already imported this shepard into me3)!
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NiveusSolHobbyist General Artist
Oh, I know exactly what that pod looks like ;)
It looks like a hotdog, and Ashley's bun is the bun... I mean, the weiner...
Or, wait, maybe the pod is the weiner and her hair is the bun...
Oh, I give up.
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Please... I'm dying... must... have....next... panel....
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RealdeadmeatHobbyist Artist
I have been waiting ages for the next one too come out plz hurry up
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DonivanessDoodlesStudent General Artist
these little comics are so awesome :)
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Xboite720Hobbyist Digital Artist
moar please ^^
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B6L6U6EStudent General Artist
Noooo!!!! Must have more! XO
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Nooo I need more! I can't wait till this comic reaches mass effect 3! Epicness will ensue... *puts on sunglasses
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Noooooooo :X. I've been reading since Mess Perfect 1, just now found today, want maor nowwwwwwwww

And Mordin is best to send back, so he no have to ,hold the line, not a good defensive char.
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LordSerionHobbyist Photographer
If it's a suicide mission, then Renegade Shepard will make it be a suicide mission!
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LordBloodySoulHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh holy cow... :rofl: This is so freaking hilarious XD
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The best part is that Kaidan's hair gel would probably keep the Collectors from picking him up.
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Yeah, maybe they couldn't figure out how to grab him w/o getting glued to him. "But boss, what if it's on his armor too?"
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Two words: freakin' awesome, right from the start! Got me inspired a long, long time ago... Even did a pic because of you, but couldn't turn the ugly hand-drawn draft into something usable - XNALara didn't want to run. But since I finally DID manage to make it work - here's said picture, with due credit. Hope you don't mind lil' me feeling a bit inspired? Anyway, keep it up!
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MrSpartinHobbyist Writer
This particular comic is like you were spying on me in my first ME2 playthrough. You weren't though...right?
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Did you question why Ashley wasn't taken just to make that joke or do you really wonder why? Because didn't you attack the Collectors before they got to Ashley (there were other Colonists still just frozen around too)?
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