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Mess Perfect 2 - 078

By Epantiras

In my first playthrough I let the "savages" eat Jacob's father.
Then in my second playthrough I discovered that you can give him a gun with ONE BULLET. Jacob tells him that the bullet is *not* for the savages.
For being a generally hated character, Jacob does shine in that scene. He's so genuinely disgused by his father's actions.

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 (Oh, I leave him to the former crew to. ... Seriously. He has it coming.)
How do you give him a gun with ONE bullet? The bullet in ME guns are unlimited, grain size thingies. It's the heat sinks (you know, the stuff that lies around in every level) that's limiting the number of shots. Jacob's father can just grab a new heat sink and go back to his evil ways the moment Normandy leaves.
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Specifically it was one with a MOSTLY-spent heat sink.
I don't know. How does a group of people who crashed on a planet a decade ago have weapons using heat sink technology only used two years ago?
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You're too smart Granten. Here, have some poisonous plants. Nom nom nom...
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Thanks to the Walking Dead game, I know cannot look at Jacob's father without seeing Lee Everett.
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I thought Shepard would want to take advice from the father. To have perfect muscle man harem, maybe
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I actually liked Jacob, much more interesting then Ash and Kaiden combined, and better than Vega. Same for Miranda
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I actually liked Jacob. The problem mainly is that he didn't 'stick out' like other characters did.
Jacob is such a better character than that Jersey Shore wannabe they had in ME3.
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Fucking truth. And Jacob wasn't a horribly forced character like Kai Leng. Or Diana Allers.
I didn't mind Diana Allers too much, in fact having her interview people on the ship could have been an interesting way to tell the story and answer questions the player might have. Like they could have her interview Wrex and have him explain how he was planning to control the Krogan population and other similar things.

But don't get me started on Kai Leng, he was even worse than that Jersey Shore guy.
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I had to let him shoot himself... because what he did was unforgivable...
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Jacob's a hate character? Should've had Levar Burton voice him
Legion-Commander's avatar
I really never understood the hatred against Jacob xD

"I am disappoint" xD I loved that usage of the meme
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Jacob: "The Magnitude of my ass is one mean mother!"
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I dunno why people don't like Jacob. I think he's kinda cool :D
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I don't hate Jacob, he's not exceptionally remarkable, but his LM gave him some good lines.
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Jacob to me is an underated character. I also have noticed compared to other teammates, he's not as depressing at times. He has more of optimistic approach to things.
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Definitely did not know about the gun option...HMM. Must explore this.
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I dunno. I've never hated Jacob as much as everybody else has, so...

Yeah, that scene kicks ass. You cannot know how satisfying it is to see Jacob be like 'do not want' to his father's excuses.
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