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Mess Perfect 2 - 076

By Epantiras

So lazy I recycled art from the MP2 cover.
EDIT: removed the [?] boxes for two non-existing squadmates. I must have been drunk while I was drawing this.
EDIT: added Kasumi. I'm retarded.

Also, moar recycled cover art:

PREV [link]
NEXT [link]
START [link]
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"But what about the reapers? I'll deal with them in the next game..."

Zirobo's avatar
Are you going to do "Overlord" and "Arrival" as well? Loyalty missions?
Jaquier's avatar
Lol @ Kasumi =D
Caricacaea's avatar
Can't wait to see Shepard meet Liara again. XD
NextAccess's avatar
Oh god I love your Kasumi!!
So reapers are the offspring of Cthulhu?
Well it explains a lot I guess.
AngelOfLife0600's avatar
Yup , there will always be more games to deal with the remaining enemies :D
Yeah, what are those Reapers good for?

I mean, just think about what would have happened had we not stopped the Collectors!
bijuu-sama's avatar
i can't wait to see her interactions with Samara. imagine how surprised she'll be when she discovers and an Asari who ISN'T a sex offender!
You sure? That zipper...

Maybe Samara arrests herself. That could be her gag.
ArcanaLegacy's avatar
I see those character boxes and I keep thinking "A CHALLENGER APPROACHES!" :D

"Cthulhu Machines" - HA! :rofl:
LordBloodySoul's avatar
I love this comic! And I love this game so much :love:
NemaBob's avatar
Awesome comic, but you met Kasumi [the ninja thief] why is not on the character box ?
Epantiras's avatar
uhmmmm because I forgot to add her XD
xangreigor's avatar
She's just so sneaky xD
Drakesfyre's avatar
She is a ninja, and snuck out of the omputer screen when you weren't looking.
VeljkoMT's avatar
Think talimancers might get angry.
Dahgnear's avatar
Hmmm... There should be 12 squadmates not 14.
But awesome comic, thank you for all your hard work!
malooko's avatar
You need to go back and recount. Take you shoes off if you need.
Epantiras's avatar
Uhmmm interesting... something terribly wrong must have happened while I was adding the character boxes...
JBONE28's avatar
Maybe she's including Liara and Doctor Kenson.
screwinon's avatar
MORTAL KOMBAT!!! :dance:
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