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Mess Perfect 2 - 006

By Epantiras

Wilson - trying to sabotage the Lazarus Project since Day One.

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gendoruwo's avatar
to be fair, Wilson DID solve the "she's not supposed to be awake" problem... Miranda shouldn't be so pissed...
Miossec97's avatar
SHE's ALIVE !!!!
or maybe no't
MastercatShalafi's avatar
Wait, wat was the actual reason WHY Wilson wanted sabotage that project? O.o
He was an agent for the shadow broker :/
jay357's avatar
hehehehehehe :icondignitylaughplz:
BBMacToma's avatar
Hehehehhehehehehehehee....violence is funny. Especially if it's abrupt like this. :D
TheShepard256's avatar
But I still prefer Wilson over Miranda because he betrayed Cerberus before she did and Miranda's role is too big.
MiyabiDreams's avatar
This is why it took them 2 years to bring Shep back.
Maybe they had to start over again more than 2 times.
that's why miranda killed wilson :D
She should've gotten Wilson from House. Not only is he friendly, he cooks!
Knight-Watcher's avatar
Wilson for the little time he had left during the escape owed those brief minutes to Shepard. Another kind of pointless plot advancement since Miranda kills him. So there won't be a Lazarus type project to bring back him.
AngelOfLife0600's avatar
I tought they had super technology? xD
donobowk's avatar
I would have been tipped off the day he brought a giant hammer into work
Maxamillion2009's avatar
And THAT is the reason why it took two years to bring back Shepard instead of one. Way to go Wilson!
Nette80's avatar
LMAO!!! I wonder how many times they had to start over...:rofl:
Knight-Watcher's avatar
Wilson... well Miranda is onto you... or she will be... then you'll be the one that gets a bullet.
SoniaCarreras's avatar
LOL! Yllwenn approves +50 (sorry I had to say it!!! :rofl:)
littlegoblet's avatar
a massive mallet to the head is much more safer then a local anisetic. That stuff can hurt her kidneys kindneys :P
RompeX23's avatar
Hey, do what works I say!! But why didn't Wilson have that hammer when you rescue him?? :p
BlueDemonX's avatar
...because they didn´t have the melee weapons implemented in ME2 =PP
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