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Mess Perfect 2 - 005

By Epantiras

The witchdoctor is supposed to be a Diablo III spambot.

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I think this call for a 'WTF' from Miranda....
Ghost75's avatar

Can't stop laughing - that is so true revival specialists!
Michaelmtv's avatar
Oh shit, I think Irenicus could be Jack's long lost ancestor
Mastadon-King's avatar
Really scrapping the bottom of the barrel there if you're going to go hiring the discount guys no body else wants, Elusive Prick.
xhagast's avatar
? I don't recognize any of them.
Genevea's avatar
One silly question to ask - who is that blue-skin person next to Miranda?
Epantiras's avatar
Main character of [link]
Genevea's avatar
Ahh... My thanks, siha ;D
They look rather competent....
AngelOfLife0600's avatar
Miranda's face in the last panel xD
It's either that, or a guy who will betray you guys because he wasn't hugged enough.
wowgypsy's avatar
lol, I recognised the WhichDoctor straight away, I want DiabloIII to come out sooner!
thehonorablereese's avatar
Jon Irenicus, NICE! You just won a lot of points in my book!
JC-Blade's avatar
You know, it would be simply spectacular if we could recruit Jon Irenicus for Shepard's team in ME2 or ME3. The Reapers wouldn't have known what had hit them by the end of the series :D
LirikTrend's avatar
Wait if these three are to be the most badass necromancers (well maybe except for DIII: Witchdoctor) why it took 2 years to bring Shepard back?
Shadenuat's avatar
Ah. The Child of Cerberus has awaken. It is time for more.. experiments.
Michaelmtv's avatar
"I cannot be caged! I cannot be controlled! Know this as you die ever pathetic ever fools!"
On that note the Reapers GTFO of dodge.
Fomalhaut48's avatar
Che bello rivedere Ixbalam!

(Non ho mai giocato a nessun Mass Effect, ma leggo tutti e due i tuoi fumetti... troppo belli!)
Epantiras's avatar
A grande richiesta, ho deciso di farla tornare per un cameo :-)
TezarroEX's avatar
this is perfect, I see no flaws what-so-ever. :meow:
Padawanmage's avatar
lol, nice! For some reason, I half-expected Anders to be there too since he brought a lot of my players back from the dead while playing DA2...
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